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🚦 Block malicious crawlers with Cloudflare Firewall Rules
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Cloudflare Block Bad Bot Ruleset

Author License

Block bad, possibly even malicious web crawlers (automated bots) using Cloudflare Firewall Rules
使用 Cloudflare Firewall Rules 拦截恶意网络爬虫(自动机器人)和其它恶意流量

Introduction 简介

Cloudflare Block Bad Bot Ruleset projects stop and block Bad Bot, Spam Referrer, Adware, Malware and any other kinds of bad internet traffic ever reaching your web sites. Inspired by nginx-badbot-blocker & worked with Cloudflare Firewall Rules.

Cloudflare Block Bad Bot Ruleset 可以阻止恶意爬虫、垃圾引荐来源、广告、恶意软件以及任何其他类型的恶意互联网流量到达您的网站。灵感来自 nginx-badbot-blocker 并与 Cloudflare Firewall Rules 搭配使用。

Precautions 注意事项

Cloudflare Block Bad Bot Ruleset mainly based on User-Agent, which is known to all that could be changed easily. So the project can not replace the Web Application Firewall.

Cloudflare Block Bad Bot Ruleset 主要基于 User-Agent,但是众所周知 User-Agent 可以伪装,所以本项目并不能取代正规的 Web Application Firewall。

Ruleset 规则

Rule Name File Name Action What For
Good Bot good-bot.rules Allow Match known good bot.
Aliyun Yundun aliyun-yd.rules Block Match Aliyun Yundun based on known IP cidr.
基于已知 IP 段匹配阿里云盾
Basic Crawler basic-crawler.rules Block/Challenge Block some known bad bot.
匹配一些基本的 HTTP Request 库
Bad Crawler bad-crawler.rules Block/Challenge Match mostly known bad bot, basic ruleset not included.
匹配绝大部分已知的恶意爬虫、SEO 爬虫和营销爬虫
Security Scanner security-scan-bot.rules Block/Challenge Match mostly known security scanner.

Usage 用法

More Information 更多详情

Todo List

  • Bad referrer list
  • Known bad IP List

Maintainer 维护者

Cloudflare Block Bad Bot Ruleset © Sukka, Released under the MIT License.

Personal Website · Blog · GitHub @SukkaW · Telegram Channel @SukkaChannel · Twitter @isukkaw · Keybase @sukka

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