@SukkaW SukkaW released this Nov 3, 2018 · 6 commits to master since this release

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New features

  • feat(head): add preload, for better performance #26
  • feat(std): add search box link
  • feat(comment): bring up facebook comment plugin #27
  • feat(head): add author & categories info to descr for better seo
  • feat: enable fragment cache for custom footer
  • feat(comment): bring up disqusjs #47


  • fix/feat(open-graph): improve output
  • feat(std): load std data on every page
  • feat/fix(std): add logo value & fix slogan output
  • refactor: simplify the style.css
  • refactor: use hexo.helper instead of variables
  • refactor(comment): remove disqus_proxy #47
  • style(inline-code): fix font-family & padding

Bugs fixed

  • fix(share_menu): share item url error #38
  • fix(open-graph): ejs syntax error & og:url issue
  • fix(head): avoid extra space if no page.category
  • fix(post-license): add word-break: break-all
  • fix(#40): change busuanzi js src


DisqusJS as a replacement of Disqus_Proxy

In 1.3.0, Suka Theme is now using DisqusJS instead of Disqus_Proxy, for better user experience. The old Disqus_Proxy was now removed, and it easy to migrate to DisqusJS.

Facebook Comment

Suka Theme now supports a new comment system from facebook social plugin. But attention, this feature is not tested! Use at your own risk.


As #40 mentioned, busuanzi counter has changed their js url (Because of Qiniu CDN new policy). Suka Theme then changed the url to the mirror (b2ad7f6), which is hosted on jsDelivr and much more reliable than busuanzi its own server.


From now on, 1.x of Suka Theme will only concentrated on fixing bugs. And I will work on 2.x version of Suka Theme.