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baseurl = "/"
title = "Mainroad"
languageCode = "en-us"
paginate = "10" # Number of posts per page
theme = "mainroad"
disqusShortname = "" # Enable comments by entering your Disqus shortname
googleAnalytics = "" # Enable Google Analytics by entering your tracking id
name = "Suleman"
bio = "John Doe's true identity is unknown. Maybe he is a successful blogger or writer. Nobody knows it."
avatar = "img/avatar.png"
subtitle = "I Love Free Software Test Static" # Subtitle of your site
description = "John Doe's Personal blog about everything" # Description of your site
opengraph = true
twitter_cards = false
readmore = false # Show "Read more" button in list if true
authorbox = true
post_navigation = true
post_meta = ["date", "categories"] # Order of post meta information
home = "right" # Configure layout for home page
list = "right" # Configure layout for list pages
single = "right" # Configure layout for single pages
# Enable widgets in given order
widgets = ["search", "recent", "categories", "taglist"]
recent_num = 5 # Set the number of articles in the "Recent articles" widget
tags_counter = false # Enable counter for each tag in "Tags" widget (disabled by default)
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