Sample of using WMS in Google Maps for iOS
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Sample for using WMS sources in Google Maps SDK for iOS. Provide your API key in the WMSController.h

  • Google Maps for iOS used : 1.9.2 (Feb 2015)
  • used XCode 6.1

youtube video

There are two ways of doing this:

  • "Method B": use GMSTileURLConstructor

         // -- method B. WMS tile layer with GMSTileURLConstructor
            GMSTileURLConstructor urls = ^(NSUInteger x, NSUInteger y, NSUInteger z) {
                BBox bbox = bboxFromXYZ(x,y,z);
                NSString *urlKN = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"Your WMS url&BBOX=%f,%f,%f,%f",
                                   bbox.left, bbox.bottom,bbox.right,];
                return [NSURL URLWithString:urlKN];
  • "Method A": use custom TileLayer derived from GMSTileLayer

  1. your derived class from GMSTileLayer (here WMSTileLayer.h) will receive tile request

       -(void)requestTileForX:(NSUInteger)x   y:(NSUInteger)y    zoom:(NSUInteger)z    receiver:(id<GMSTileReceiver>)receiver
  2. WMSTileLayer first checks for cached tile and if found calls :

        [self drawTileAtX:x y:y zoom:z Url:urlStr Receiver:receiver] ;
  3. if tile is not cached we download it, save it to the file system (using MD5 hash) and call to draw it

        [data  writeToFile: filePath  atomically:YES];
        [self drawTileAtX:x y: y zoom: z Url:urlStr Receiver:receiver] ;
  4. drawTileAtX is very simple:

        -(void) drawTileAtX: (NSUInteger) x   y:(NSUInteger)y    zoom:(NSUInteger)zoom   Url:(NSString*) url Receiver: (id<GMSTileReceiver>) receiver {
             UIImage             *image   = TileLoad(url,NO); // loads tile from file system
             [receiver receiveTileWithX:x y:y zoom:zoom image:image]; // pass it to the SDK API


both ways are used in this sample.