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Install dependencies

Do not simply copy and paste the whole block of codes, please take a carefully look in advance. :)

cd hexo # cd into the root directory of your Hexo blog
npm install --save hexo-renderer-jade hexo-generator-archive hexo-generator-category-enhance hexo-generator-feed hexo-generator-tag
npm uninstall --save hexo-generator-category # use hexo-generator-category-enhance instead
git clone themes/typography
cd themes/typography
npm install

You can skip the second line provided you have already installed hexo-renderer-jade , hexo-generator-category-enhance , hexo-generator-feed, hexo-generator-tag and hexo-generator-archive in your Hexo blog's root directory.

Modify the config file

Find theme: in your _config.yml at the root directory of your Hexo blog, and change that line into theme: typography, set language to zh-cn or en as you like , then add these lines:

# Generate archive page
  per_page: 0

# Generate categories index page and each category page
  per_page: 10
  enable_index_page: true

# Generate tags index page and each tag page
  per_page: 10
  enable_index_page: true

# Generator atom feed for you website
  type: atom
  path: atom.xml
  limit: 20
  content_limit: 140
  content_limit_delim: ' '


cd themes/typography
git pull
npm run scss-compile

We recommend you to run npm run scss-compile after each update, although CSS files will also be updated in each commit.

You may encounter the error modified: themes/typography if you are managing the whole blog with git. In that case, instead of using git push, we recommend you to download the zip and update the theme manually.


Typography has packed up several labor-saving functions, thus you can easily make any change at any time in the _config.yml file located in the root directory of the theme.

Correctly define the title* Important *

Typography has three titles: title, title_primary, and title_secondary. The title is defined in the _config.yml inside the Hexo blog's root directory while the title_primary and title_secondary are defined in Typography's _config.yml.

  • title: The <title> of all the HTML pages.
  • title_primary: The bigger title to display on nav/side bar.
  • title_secondary : The smaller title to display on nav/side bar.

Change the language

Modify the .yml files in themes/typography/languages or add new files according to your need.

Auto truncate

It is possible to control the length for all the summaries on the index page by setting a value for truncate_len. The default length is 160.

e.g. truncate_len: 160

Changing the color scheme

You can find this option in theme's _config.yml.

Currently, there are two color schemes available:

  • light
  • dark
themeStyle: light

Set up the comment service

The comment box is a place for readers to exchange their ideas with the author. Typography has integrated two 3rd-party comment services, and they are ready to use at any time.

Currently, Typography supports comment services provided by Disqus and LiveRe. The only thing you need to do is to set the corresponding key for the comment service that you would like to use.

e.g. disqus: disqus_shortname OR livere: livere_data_uid

Do not use two comment services at the same time, or the post will be followed by two comment boxes. Just leave blank for the rest of the comment service-related options.

Show/Hide the page indicator

Set to false to hide the page indicator above the page switcher.

showPageCount: true

Show/Hide categories and tags links behind post title

You can choose whether or not to show categories and tags links behind post title in index and post page by changing the following values in theme's _config.yml:

showCategories: true
showTag: true

Set website favicon

Prepare favicon.png file and put in themes/typography/source/images/favicon.png

Embed Google Analytics in your blog

Find the line below in themes/typography/source/js/google-analytics.js:

ga('create', 'UA-73442912-1', 'auto');

Replace UA-73442912-1 with your own google analytics id.

SEO-friendly meta description tag

Typography gives you the chance to insert unique SEO-friendly meta description tags for different posts. Also, it is handy. Just add a new line in the head section of your post:

title: Another post
date: 1970-01-01 00:00
desc: Description to be inserted into the metadata of the post page.

Then the generated HTML file will contain:

<meta name="description" content="Description to be inserted into the metadata of the post page.">

If desc is not specified, the first 140 words of the post will be used as the description.

Icons for social network accounts

Typography natively supports the following social network accounts:

  • Twitter
  • GitHub
  • Instagram
  • Sina Weibo

To use light up those icons, just simply set the values for the corresponding options.

twitter: user_name
weibo: user_id/permanent_name
instagram: user_name
github: user_name

Tips: leave blanks to remove the icons from the site.


Typography uses node-sass and scss-compile to generate .css files for styling. We have provided several options such as background and foreground colors for you to choose. When your editing is finished, do not forget to run the commands below to re-generate the .css files:

cd themes/typography
npm run scss-compile

.scss files are located in theme/typography/raw/scss.


As for the jade templates inside theme/typography/layout, just edit them and remember to add some pepper as you like it.


Support me

I am a freelance student developer. (with bloody little income)

Please consider buy me a cup of cappuccino if you really like my work. _(:з」∠)_

Thank you very much.

WeChat QR code

Alipay QR code

WeChat and Alipay are both accepted.


© 2017-2018 Makito

Typography is released under the MIT license.