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FaceDetection library for Windows Phone 8. It's a port of facedetectwp7 library by Julia Schwarz. This library uses the same algorithms and detection models as OpenCV and is written in C# and built for the Windows Phone.

Note: this library can actually detect objects of any type, provided you give it the correct model files, since all it does is read existing, learned models. You can find model files on opencv website.

How to Use the Library

This library is built for Windows Phone 8 and is intended to be used only for Windows Phone 8.

To use the library: Download or fork the project from Gitub. Either add the FaceDetectionWinPhone Project to your project or build/add the FaceDetectionWinPhone dll Add a models/ folder to your project and add xml model files as found under FaceDetectionWinPhone/Sample/models or in the downloads section. I would recommend using haarcascadefrontalfacealt.xml (this is the only one tested). Make sure you have a reference to System.Xml.Linq Create a detector:

FaceDetectionWinPhone.Detector detector = new FaceDetectionWinPhone.Detector(XDocument.Load(MODEL_FILE));

You can use the detector by passing in either a string (path to image file), a WriteableBitmap, or an int array, width and height. Here's how to detect faces by passing in an int array:

  List<FaceDetectionWinPhone.Rectangle> faces = mdetector.getFaces(pixelDataInt, mcameraWidth / mdownsampleFactor, mcameraHeight / m_downsampleFactor, 2f, 1.25f, 0.1f, 1, false);

Example Application

This project contains a new example application. You can still get the old wp7 example app from facedetectwp7 project pages, if you're interested about new examples.

The example application is using WriteableBitmapEx to make the example easier to read.

You can find more details about the Example application from Nokia Developer Wiki article: NokiaDevWikiArticle Acknowledgements

RealtimeExample Application

The RealtimeExample is sample application from facedetectwp7 ported to the Windows Phone 8. You can see the RealtimeExample application in action at RealtimeExample App at Youtube

=========================== This library was originally made for Windows Phone 7 by Julia Schwarz, and it's only build for wp8 by me.The library is also largely based off of the Java-based library at jviolajones. Thank you very much for the developers of this library for making their code open source!

Example application is using WriteableBitmapEx