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AWS security consulting

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  1. osxlockdown osxlockdown Public archive

    [No longer maintained] Apple OS X tool to audit for, and remediate, security configuration settings.

    Go 776 51

  2. csp_security_mistakes csp_security_mistakes Public

    This repo has been replaced by

    720 52

  3. aws_breaking_changes aws_breaking_changes Public

    List of changes announced for AWS that may break existing code

    713 26

  4. aws_exposable_resources aws_exposable_resources Public

    Resource types that can be publicly exposed on AWS

    306 37

  5. react-structured-filter react-structured-filter Public archive

    (unmaintained) Javascript library that provides autocompleted faceted search queries for React.

    JavaScript 175 70

  6. imdsv2_wall_of_shame imdsv2_wall_of_shame Public

    List of vendors that do not allow IMDSv2 enforcement

    141 10


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