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Welcome to official development repository of Arma 3: Original War!

If you are interested in helping out development of Arma 3: Original War, you are on the right place. Where to start?

Why I decided to go this way?

Arma 3: Original War has grew up into quite a big project that covers a lot of parts of Arma 3. In many of these, I am rather beginner. With this, I am trying to make anyones possible involment in the development of Arma 3: Original War as easy as possible. So if you like the idea of this modification and want to contribute to it, this is your chance! :)

What this repository contains?

This repository contains all important gameplay source files, but does not contain files for Pliocen map, map objects and sounds.

  • *owr\buildings* all build-able structures, their model and game configs
  • *owr\characters* personnel-related configs
  • *owr\data* core config
  • *owr\missions* missions with core scripts (most of the functionality is still written inside mission for easier development)
  • *owr\scripts* contains mostly state machines that are running on buildings and vehicles (and also necessary overrides of a3 functions)
  • *owr\ui* GUI-related data and configs
  • *owr\vehicles* models, model configs, game configs for ALL vehicles
  • *owr\weapons* all weapon configuration and overrides

What can I do with data available here?

All files, available in this repository, are for personal use only (and for use within Arma 3: Original War of course), meaning you cannot use any of these within your own work directly. If you are here just to check how I did x and y, I have absolutely no problem with that (part of the reason why this repository exists). However any help with improving Arma 3: Original War is greatly appereaciated!

Got any questions?

Take a look on the official website at or contact me directly on sumrak\at/!

Thank you for having interest in Arma 3: Original War.