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This will no longer be updated. Please refer to Releases/Commits for future changes.
BUILDs 1 - 3 are based on DoomRPG Sep 22 2016 v0.10.1. BUILD 4 brings it up to date with the GitHub version minus DRLA compat fixes for unreleased version.
11/29/2017 - BUILD 1 - Compiled with GDCC v0.13.2 64-bit.
Renamed DRPG's own Round math function to DRPGMath_Round to avoid definition conflict with GDCC.
Completely removed everything TURRET. It's gone. Also updated Outpost.wad to reflect those changes.
11/30/2017 - BUILD 2 - Compiled with GDCC v0.13.2 64-bit.
Removed Bomb2.ogg and its respective code.
Fixed runaway script during bulk withdraw if you are already carrying a type of weapon stored in your locker.
Updated MAX_TIPS & MAX_MENU to reflect turret removal.
12/2/2017 - BUILD 3 - Compiled with GDCC dev v0.13.2.22 64-bit.
Compiled with a dev build of GDCC which resolves the blank extra weapon page that came out of nowhere.
Added compatibilty for Jimmy's Jukebox Instant Randomizer. This allows DRPG's level event & Outpost music to play.
Updated RLArsenal's & WadSmoosh's MENUDEF.txt to reflect turret removal.
Reduced stim timers by roughly half.
RLHeavyHuntingShotgun & RLNapalmLauncher sprites are now aligned properly in the weapons shop.
Restored original credit payout sound.
Removed incomplete PDA & Payment system.
Removed incomplete Outpost2.wad and its reference from MAPINFO.txt
12/4/2017 - BUILD 4 - Compiled with GDCC dev v0.13.2.22 64-bit.
Mod is now called Doom RPG Lite.
Combined both Tip calls in Map.c.
Firewalled crates now have their own sprite instead of a floating fire icon.
Removed incomplete new GUI.
Removed 3D Healthbars.
Removed code that drew the turret sprite on DRPG's menu (I think this is the last of the turret stuff).
Reduced stim timers even further (think of them as a temp boost :D).
- Included the following commits from DRPG's GitHub which brings it up to date:
- Commits not included because they are related to DRLA and I'm unsure if they are for the unreleased version:
12/5/2017 - BUILD 5 - Compiled with GDCC dev v0.13.2.22 64-bit.
New firewalled crate sprites from BUILD 4 are now animated.
Removed fancy stat up.
Reorganised Mission Info & Reward description and added colour coded mission icons.
12/7/2017 - BUILD 6 - Compiled with GDCC dev v0.13.2.22 64-bit.
Renamed mod from Lite to Redux.
Reorganised DRPG Menu.
DRPG Menu, its submenus and mission bbs now have blue borders and a darkened background.
Finding & using a medkit now has separate sounds.
Removed left over turret sounds.
12/8/2017 - BUILD 7 - Compiled with GDCC dev v0.13.2.22 64-bit.
Vicious Downpour & Dark Zone events now have their own sky textures.
Vicious Downpour rain background sound is somewhat quieter now.
DRPG Menu background border & image can now be turned off via options.
Moved DRLA's "Info" keys from MENUDEF to KEYCONF. They will now show up in later GZDoom versions.
12/10/2017 - BUILD 8 - Compiled with GDCC dev v0.13.2.22 64-bit.
Changed DRPG's logo to blue.
Fixed DRPG's menu not disappearing when viewing mission info.
12/13/2017 - BUILD 9 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
Downgraded GDCC version as latest was causing issues with DRPG's bitwise's. Char Save & Arena work again.
New Outpost music consisting of 4 ambient tracks from MDK2. Selected randomly.
New Outpost mission, alarm & menu sounds from System Shock 2.
New Transport sound from evecdsp-v2e.wad.
Transport FX is now BLUE!
12/14/2017 - BUILD 10 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
Gave the Outpost a new look using the textures left over from the incomplete Outpost2.
Transporter, Mission BBS, Shop & Skill Computer now have illuminated signs.
New sound for the Skill Computer from System Shock 2.
12/15/2017 - BUILD 11 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
Mod renamed to SE (Sumwunn's Edition).
Removed Run Pickup Behaviour.
Added alarm sprites to the Outpost left over from the incomplete Outpost2 (animated!).
Swapped onscreen key binding descriptions so they are more readable.
DRPG's option menu now shows up in later GZDoom versions without breaking compatibility with the older versions.
One Monster level event now has its own music (Man In Action from MDK2).
Moved mission info furthest to the left to help with long item reward names.
12/17/2017 - BUILD 12 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
Added a 5 minute cooldown timer to the Outpost's EP pad to prevent abuse.
Replaced "CONSUME YOU" level event music with "Corrupted Core" from the Doom PSX extended soundtrack.
01/03/2018 - BUILD 13 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
Merged latest DRPG commits except these as they do not apply to my version:
01/06/2018 - BUILD 14 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
Fixed binding text errors in Shop/Locker.
Merged latest DRPG commits except for:
Applies to unreleased DRLA only:
01/12/2018 - BUILD 15 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
Support for GZDoom v2.1.1 deprecated.
Removed redundant CONFUSION_NONSENSE_ID.
Added a sound effect and message for when you try to use a skill while silenced.
Character menu options made compatible with GZDoom v3.2+ menudef changes.
Raised Stim timers a bit.
02/11/2018 - BUILD 16 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
Fixed bug (I'm 75% sure) in GetRewardItem that affected Pandora's box not dropping any legendary loot (99% of the time).
Fixed bug where monsters were not being replaced/removed (MegaBoss, One Monster events etc...)
Music is stopped when players get the message "Everything falls silent." after completing related event.
Replaced One Monster event music with "Hard Boiled" from MDK2.
Reverted commit:
- The hack is not required with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
DRPG's in-game menu options are now green, grey when highlighted and flash yellow when selected.
Text containing "HOLD" in DRPG's key bindings in-menus are now orange to help with usability.
02/13/2018 - BUILD 17 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
Outpost Transporter & Item Roulette now have blue borders and a darkened background.
Added header & help to Item Roulette.
Moved Item Roulette next to Skill Computer.
Changed all signs to blue neon and placed more around the outpost.
Fixed GiveTip() spitting out junk once in a while. (MAX_TIPS was just off by one)
02/18/2018 - BUILD 18 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
The fix for GetRewardItem from BUILD 16 was causing Item Roulette to spit out junk.
- Upon further investigation it seems only Legendary stuff (rarity 10) need the fix. So the fix (cough*hack*cough) now applies to them only.
More key bindings displayed for Item Roulette.
Changed Item Roulette wheel sound from transfer/loop to menu/click and lowered volume by .2
Arena Wave & Bonus selection now have blue borders and a darkened background.
You can now take everything out of crates at once.
Renamed DRPGMath_Round to RoundInt.
Fixed Demon Artifact alignment in Shop/Locker.
Fixed missing Shredder Pistol sprite in Shop/Locker.
Updated PostPic.png to reflect Outpost changes.
02/21/2018 - BUILD 19 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
GetMissionMonsterActor() now checks for empty strings which resolved GZDoom spewing: "Warning: ACS function strlen called with invalid string argument."
xlat is no more. Level exits are now replaced via ZSCRIPT which allows compatibility for all map types. GZDoom v3.2.5 is now mandatory.
- Some UDMF maps exit via scripts, bypassing DRPG's own script. Those will need to edited manually in SLADE. Replace the following exits in SLADE:
-- Exit_Normal(0); is replaced with: ACS_Execute(30000, 0, 0, 0, 0);
--- Exit_Secret(0); is replaced with: ACS_Execute(30000, 0, 1, 0, 0);
---- Teleport_NewMap(X,Y,Z); is replaced with: ACS_Execute(30001, 0, X, Y, Z); - Replace X,Y,Z with the arguments from Teleport_NewMap()
----- Then compile the edited script in SLADE and then delete the old BEHAVIOUR file (should be just after the map marker) after the new one is spat out.
02/24/2018 - BUILD 20 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
Events that altered lighting now get sector counts instead of iterating up to 65536, resulting in a massive speed up.
A proper fix has replaced the GetMissionMonsterActor() hack fix from BUILD 19.
New "Skill Up" sound from Prey (2017);
02/25/2018 - BUILD 20.1 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
Fixed broken reinforcement mission caused by the "monsters not being replaced/removed fix" from BUILD 16.
02/26/2018 - BUILD 20.2 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
Fixed broken DRLA starting options (RPG.c Init needed DRLA ATID check).
03/04/2018 - BUILD 21 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
Stim times can now be multiplied via the new slider located in the "Stats System" options.
Stim starting options were lowered to prevent runaway script (this would never happen really unless you set the values really high).
Outpost got a new single skybox texture. Also removed a lot of Skybox pickers (no longer needed) which should help with FPS a bit.
Moved Outpost teleport next to 1st player spawn.
Reorganised Health Bar and its stats. I think it's much nicer now.
Brightmap for Low Power Event Generator.
Minor text fixes.
03/05/2018 - BUILD 21.1 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
Reintroduced Run Pickup Behaviour with some optimisation.
Deleted unconnected lines in Outpost.
03/24/2018 - BUILD 21.2 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
Separated natural stat increases from base values.
New M_DOOMs with RGB lighting.
03/25/2018 - BUILD 21.3 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
- Manually merged:
Fixed runaway termination in starting vials script (it never happened anyway).
Fixed infinite ammo powerups not working with DRLA.
Extra lives now teleports you to the start of the map.
03/26/2018 - BUILD 21.4 - Compiled with GDCC v0.12.0 64-bit.
Fixed missing textures on Outpost teleport pad.
Moved Shield Menu's bindings help lower to prevent Shield Component Descripton from overlapping it.
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