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Homework #1


  1. Feynman Writing Prompts - Write out explanations of the following concepts like you are explaining it to a 12 year old. Doing this will help you quickly discover any holes in your understanding. Ask your questions on Slack.

    • Variables
    • Strings
    • Functions (arguments, return)
    • if statements
    • Boolean values (true, false)
  2. Install Node and NPM. NPM comes packaged with Node.

  3. Install SublimeText3. If you have another editor that you prefer then you can use that.

  4. Download this project folder from GitHub.

  5. Navigate into the downloaded folder using Terminal(Mac) or Command Prompt(Windows). ls(Mac), dir(Windows) and cd <directory_name> are the commands you need to navigate around.

  6. Once you are in the folder type the command npm install. This will fetch all of the needed requirements for the project.

  7. Run npm test to run the automated tests. At first all of the tests will be broken. You will fill out the functions in exercises.js to make the tests pass.

Congratulations on finishing Homework #1!

For more information about Lambda School's six month CS program visit: