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fix the LockScreen.unlock() call in tests/head.js

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1 parent 0c8f59b commit 3b00b3c6a57bba988e275ae3ae444a6809073e44 David Flanagan committed Apr 2, 2012
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@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ function testApp(url, testfunc) {
// Unlock the screen
// FIXME: I used to do this by sending swipe events, but it broke
// for some reason, so now we just call a homescreen module to do it
- yield contentWin.LockScreen.unlock(false, nextStep);
+ yield contentWin.LockScreen.unlock(0, nextStep);
silentOK(!contentWin.LockScreen.locked, 'screen did not unlock');
// Find all the icons on the homescreen

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