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Open eCollaboration

All contents of this repository is licensed under the AGPLv3 license and copyright the Swedish municipality of Sundsvall.

##Repository contents

This repository contains the projects that together form Open eCollaboration release 1.0, for more information see

Here is a brief description of each project: A dynamic web project for eclipse containing the Open eCollaboration design

###CollaborationRoom A java project for eclipse containing the Open eCollaboration modules for CommunityBase 3

##Database A sample MySQL database is available in the docs folder of the CollaborationRoom project. The default login is admin@demo / oecollaboration.

##Dependencies The projects above require the following dependencies in order to build and work in runtime.

  • Java SE 1.7
  • The OpenHierarchy v1.2.8 (
  • The CommunityBase 3.1.0 (
  • MinimalUser module (svn://
  • Various library projects (svn://