Access additional display metrics on Android devices: status bar height, soft menu bar height, real screen size.
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This module allows you to access additional display metrics on Android devices. (RN 0.47.0+)

  • Actual width and height of the screen (including elements such as soft menu bar)
  • Soft menu height
  • Status bar height
  • Smart bar height (MeiZu)


There is currently a bug in React Native where Dimensions.get('window').height sometimes returns the wrong value.

Also, some apps may want to set the background of status bar and soft menu bar to transparent, thus the top-level view needs to fill up the real screen size.


  1. Install with npm

    npm install react-native-extra-dimensions-android --save
  2. linking

    react-native link react-native-extra-dimensions-android
  3. You may have to register the module (in android/app/src/main/java/com/YOUR-PROJECT-NAME/

    import ca.jaysoo.extradimensions.ExtraDimensionsPackage;  // <--- import
    public class MainApplication extends Application implements ReactApplication {
      protected List<ReactPackage> getPackages() {
        return Arrays.<ReactPackage>asList(
          new MainReactPackage(),
          new ExtraDimensionsPackage()  // <--- add here
  4. Whenever you want to use it within React Native code now you can:

var ExtraDimensions = require('react-native-extra-dimensions-android');

Or, if you are using ES6

import ExtraDimensions from 'react-native-extra-dimensions-android';



There is only one method get(dimension: string) that takes in a dimension name, and returns its value as a number.

Supported dimensions are:

  • REAL_WINDOW_HEIGHT - Actual height of screen including system decor elements
  • REAL_WINDOW_WIDTH - Actual width of screen including system decor elements
  • STATUS_BAR_HEIGHT - Height of the status bar
  • SOFT_MENU_BAR_HEIGHT - Height of the soft menu bar (supported on most new Android devices)
  • SMART_BAR_HEIGHT - Height of the MeiZu's device smart bar