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Create your bot simply without problem and quickly.
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Create your bot simply without problem and quickly.


Dependencies :


First install NodeJS and WampServer.

Then download, the latest stable version of the git-hub:

Open the wamp server's www file, then delete all of its contents, and replace it with the bot-master zip file.

Navigate to the folder: bot and unzip the node_modules file.

On your browser go to: Click on: New Application, give a name to your bot discord, then click: Create. Then in the category: Bot, which on Add a Bot, then Yes, Do It, then copy the token.

Then on your browser go to the following address: http://localhost/ (check that wampserver is running). And configure your bot.

Once configured, run the file, if you are on windows: launch.bat or if you are on MacOs or Linux:

Correct Error

If at launch, the console indicates that the TLS certificate is not validated. Go to the file: index.js in the folder: bot.

Right-click it, and then Edit. and removed them: // before: process.env ['NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED'] = 0;

If at launch, the console starts well but that after: State of Eula, there is not true. Then go to the index.js file in the sunloos folder. Then click on it and look for this line: exports.eula = '';

And edit there by: exports.eula = 'true';

You will avoid a crash with each order

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