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This repo contains the scripts and demo songs for paper titled "Mixing-Specific Data Augmentation Techniques for Improved Blind Violin/Piano Source Separation". | Paper (arXiv) | Demo Page | Pretrained Models (GoogleDrive) |

The main purpose of this work is to allow users to apply mixing-specific data augmentation techniques to facilitate the training of a neural network model for source separation, in particular with the Open-Unmix model architecture [1]. The training scripts required for training your own models can be found from the official repository of Open-Unmix.

Modification for Training

Note that for our experiment scenario, we modified the model as follows:

    • change nb_channels to 1: for monaural cases
      • nb-train-samples corresponds to the N in the paper


The contents are oganized as follows:

  • Pretraind_Models: (Uploaded to GoogleDrive)

    • Random_N2000
    • Wet_N2000
  • Demo_mp3_15sec:

    • demo page
    • 15-sec version of the 16 test songs
  • MedleyDB_Tsongs:

    • MedleyDB_16tsong_path.pickle
    • for extracting the 16 MedleyDB[2, 3] songs.
  • Augmentations: demo codes for proposed augmentation methods

    • implementation of non-silence is simple, as shown in doc of librosa
  • demo code for using Pretrained_Models to separate the Demo_mp3_15sec

    • modules modified from Open-Unmix
    • the required modules should be downloaded from Open-Unmix official repository:


[1] F.-R. St ̈oter, S. Uhlich, A. Liutkus, and Y. Mitsufuji, “Open-Unmix - Areference implementation for music source separation,”Journal of OpenSource Software, vol. 4, no. 41, p. 1667, 2019.

[2] MedleyDB Original: R. Bittner, J. Salamon, M. Tierney, M. Mauch, C. Cannam and J. P. Bello, "MedleyDB: A Multitrack Dataset for Annotation-Intensive MIR Research", in 15th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, Oct. 2014.

[3] MedleyDB 2.0 Bittner, R., Wilkins, J., Yip, H., & Bello, J. (2016). MedleyDB 2.0: New Data and a System for Sustainable Data Collection. New York, NY, USA: International Conference on Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR-16).


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