Advanced SubStation Alpha subtitle plugin for videojs
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SunnyLi feat: improve subtitle switching
plugin now use videojs' built in caption switcher.

Refs #19
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Add Advanced SubStation Alpha (ASS) subtitles support to videojs using the libjass library.

Check out the demo here


For plugin that supports videojs v5.x install using either:

  • bower install videojs-ass


  • npm install videojs-ass

For videojs v4:

Just specify version to be within:

"videojs-ass": ">=0.3.0 < 0.5.0"

for bower or npm whichever you prefer using.


Initialize the ass plugin with the src field like the following:

videojs('player_id', {
  plugins: {
    ass: {
      src: 'subs/subtitles.ass'
Option Default Description
src -1 .ass / .ssa source.
label -2 subtitle track label that shows up in the subtitles picker
delay 03 delay subtitle rendering by the specified value in seconds
rate 1 subtitle update speed relative to video playback rate
enableSvg true see here regarding SVG filter
fontMap - see here regarding using custom web fonts
fontMapById - alternate to above, takes id and runs this
videoWidth -3 metadata to assist in determining the optimal (cont below)
videoHeight -3 (cont) subtitle letterboxing ratio


  1. This property is required!
  2. Has fallback values but you should provide a better label.
  3. Value can be negative
  4. Generally, you should set these values when using external videojs providers as they might not expose the video dimensions to the player.