Digital Papyrology: Documentary Papyri

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Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017, 17h00-18h15 (CEST time)

Session coordinators: Nadine Quenouille (University of Leipzig), Gabriel Bodard and Lucia Vannini (Institute of Classical Studies, London)

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References for the images used in the slides


This course aims to give participants an introduction into the possibilities of digital papyrology. They will learn by means of a concrete example how to use the digital tools in order to be able to handle papyrological references they will find in articles, books or other media. They will be able to do research on their own, learning to understand the details of papyrus editions and doing their first steps towards the vast field of papyrology.


The course includes following themes:

  • A brief introduction into papyrology and the Leiden Conventions
  • Digital tools for papyrologists, e.g., HGV, Bibliographie Papyrologique, Papyrus Portal, etc.
  • Possibility of excersises

Required readings

Further readings

  • Roger S. Bagnall "Integrating digital papyrology", Paper presented at Online Humanities Scholarship: The Shape of Things to Come, Mellon Foundation Conference at the University of Virginia March 26-28, 2010: Available:
  • S. Freitag / M. Gerhardt / J. Kupferschmidt / R. Scholl, Das Papyrusportal, Archiv für Papyrusforschung 55 (2009), S. 121 – 134.
  • D. Hagedorn, Gesamtverzeichnis der griechischen Papyrusurkunden Ägyptens, in: M. Fell / C. Schäfer / L. Wierschowski (Hgg.), Datenbanken in der Alten Geschichte (Computer und Antike. 2), St. Katharinen, S. 226 – 231.
  • M. Hombert, Projets de bibliographie papyrologique (1932), Chronique d‘Égypte 7 No. 13, S. 227 – 236 (Online:
  • A. Martin, „75 ans Bibliographie Papyrologique (1932–2007), in: Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth International Congress of Papyrology, Ann Arbor 2007 (ASP), S. 509 – 520 (Online:


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