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DCH Session 3 Decolonization

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Sunoikisis Digital Cultural Heritage, Fall 2019

Session 3. Decolonization of Cultural Heritage

Thursday Oct 17, 16:00 UK = 17:00 CET

Convenors: Usama Gad (Aim Shams University, Egypt & Institute of Classical Studies), Zena Kamash (Royal Holloway University of London), Patricia Murrieta Flores (Lancaster University)

YouTube link:

Slides: 1. Zena's slides; 2. Usama's slides; 3. Paty's slides

Session outline

  • Introduction to Decolonisation of Cultural Heritage
  • Digital methods to give Egyptian/Middle Eastern scholars access to classical resources
  • The colonial impact of digital standards and methodologies

Seminar readings

Further reading

Other resources

Essay title

  • tba


  • Search online for news coverage about repatriation (material and digital), decolonisation of museums and exhibitions, controversial displays of artefacts related specifically to colonial issues. Use the articles and blogposts in "Other resources" as a guide and inspiration. Choose a case study and be prepared to present it briefly to the rest of the class.
  • Think in particular about:
    • the effectiveness of the repatriation (or lack of) presented
    • the specifically digital features of the resource or project
    • do the digital tools/methods allow repatriation of a kind not previously possible?
    • are the digital methods being used as an excuse not to repatriate physically?
    • do the digital methods inhibit the repatriation or postcolonial representation in any way?
    • how might you do things differently?
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