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DCH Session 7 Legal and Ethical

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Sunoikisis Digital Cultural Heritage, Fall 2019

Session 7. Legal and Ethical Considerations in Digital Cultural Heritage

Thursday Nov 14, 16:00 UK = 17:00 CET

Convenors: Gabriel Bodard (Institute of Classical Studies), Richard Nevell (Wikimedia UK), Andrea Wallace (University of Exeter)

YouTube link:


Session outline

This session will discuss a range of issues related to the publication, dissemination and reuse of cultural heritage materials.

  1. Copyright and open licensing questions, including the importance of credit for contributions to digital work (GB)
  2. Legal and ethical (sometimes in conflict) issues related to voluntary and decentralised projects such as Wikipedia (RN)
  3. Use and reuse of digital surrogates of cultural heritage objects from a postcolonial perspective (AW)

Seminar readings

Further reading and resources


Select one of the four themes below, and look at the content and context of linked resources. Think about what you know about the issues involved, how they are or are not addressed. What are the implications of the digital medium and the implied audience on this treatment? What voices were involved in authoring them? What other material can you find elsewhere online, and how does it compare?

  1. Race and representation in collection management:

  2. Arguments around legal possession:

  3. Considering community voices:

  4. Gender & bargaining power for re-use of cultural heritage:

In addition to thinking about the questions above, please suggest some ways to improve or supplement (a) the digital resource, and (b) a Wikipedia article, to better reflect the issues you think should be addressed relating to this object, project or display.

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