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SunoikisisDC Summer 2021 Session 4

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Sunoikisis Digital Classics, Summer 2021

Session 4. Linguistic Annotations of Greek and Latin Inscriptions

Thursday May 6, 17:15-18:45 CEST

Convenors: Francesca Dell'Oro (University of Neuchâtel)

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Session outline

The theme of this session is linguistic annotation of inscriptions from parts of speech to semantics/pragmatics. The session consists of three main parts, illustrating two ways of annotating inscriptions from a linguistic point of view – i.e. manually and automatically – and how a linguistically annotated corpus can be explored.

  1. The Euboean inscriptions of Sicily treebank;
  2. The WoPoss modality annotation model applied to inscriptions;
  3. How to explore a linguistically annotated corpus.

Seminar readings

Further Reading

Other resources


Try to find the lexical modal marker the inscription EDR 150769 and then to annotate the sentence containing it in Arethusa and in the Inception Demo. To annotate the modal passage upload the zip file in the Inception Demo.

EDR 150769: (.txt file, .xml file, .zip file)