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Nebula is a simple, dark and easy-to-use Hexo theme.


Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes. See deployment for notes on how to deploy the project on a live system.


There is no extra plugins you need to install beforehand. Just follow the Hexo installation on its official website and you're good to go.


In your Hexo folder run command:

$ git clone themes/nebula

Then, change your theme setting in _config.yml in your Hexo folder to nebula. Don't forget to specify the language in language in the same _config.yml file. Fill in default for English. Currently, nebula support French, Japenese, Russian, Chinese(traditional/simplified), Norwegian and Dutch.

language: default


theme: nebula


Default config:

# Header
  Home: /
  Archives: /archives
rss: /atom.xml

# Content
excerpt_link: Read More

# Social (fill in your social account here so people can follow you :))
share_enabled: true

# Miscellaneous
favicon: /favicon/favicon.ico

  • menu - Navigation menu, you can add path to page you created here if you want it to show on navigation bar at the top
  • rss - RSS link
  • excerpt_link - "Read More" link at the bottom of excerpted articles. false to hide the link.
  • share_enabled - true to enable sharing your blogs to shocial media: i.e. twitter , facebook, pinterest, google+
  • disqus_shortname - fill in disqus shortname here, so people can comment on your blogs
  • twitter - Twiiter ID
  • instagram - Instagram ID
  • pinterest - pinterest ID
  • github - github ID
  • google_plus - Google+ ID
  • google_analytics - Google Analytics ID
  • favicon - Favicon path