A Sublime Text plugin to move through and reform things
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Join the chat at https://gitter.im/Suor/sublime-reform

This thing enables you to move through and reform your code like magic. At least it aims to do it :)

Here is a list of supported commands:

Command Key* Description
find_word_up ctrl+up Jump to previous occurrence of a word at cursor
find_word_down ctrl+down Jump to next occurrence of a word at cursor
def_up alt+up Jump to previous function or class declaration
def_down alt+down Jump to next function or class declaration
smart_up alt+[ Jump to previous declaration or block2
smart_down alt+] Jump to next declaration or block2
move_word_right ctrl+alt+/ Swap word at cursor with a next one
move_word_left ctrl+alt+. Swap word at cursor with a previous one
move_block_up ctrl+alt+; Swap block with a previous one
move_block_down ctrl+alt+' Swap block with a next one
expand_next_word alt+d Expand selection to next word matching one at cursor1
select_scope_words alt+shift+d Select words in function scope matching word at cursor1,3
select_scope_up ctrl+shift+; Select block2/function/class at cursor, select enclosing one on next hit3
select_scope_down ctrl+shift+' Undo last select_scope_up
delete_block ctrl+alt+d Delete block at cursor with appropriate adjusting empty lines
extract_expr alt+enter Extract selected expression into an assignment4

* Current key bindings are very experimental, especially on OS X.
1 Matches only whole words, case-sensitive, comments and strings are skipped.
2 Block is a adjacent commented lines or a blob of text surrounded with empty lines.
3 Works for python, js, plain text. Tries to work for other languages.
4 Works for python, js, ruby, php (and any languages with no keyword to define var).


  • Install Package Control.
  • Bring up the Command Palette with Ctrl+Shift+p (Cmd+Shift+p on OS X).
  • Select "Package Control: Install Package" (it'll take a few seconds).
  • Select or type in "Reform" when the list appears.


I have plans. Here is a list if you want to help and looking where to start:

  • Move functions up and down.
  • Better select words in scope: expand to next scope on subsequent hit, autodetect name scope.
  • Break long lines.
  • Break long strings, several variants including switching to multiline separators.
  • Reform dicts (object literals) from one-line to multi-line and back.
  • Same for calls, calls with keyword arguments, array literals.
  • Reform multiline list, set, dict comprehensions and generator expressions.
  • Align =, =>, :, \ and other punctuation
  • Switch brackets, parentheses, whatever.
  • Move blocks respecting functions.

Also, support for more programming languages for language-dependent commands will help.