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Version 0.4 (??-??-????)
New features:
- Basescape:
-- Research screens.
-- Manufacture screens.
- Battlescape:
-- Abort screen.
-- Debriefing screen.
-- Battlescape save game.
-- Panicking units.
-- Skill increase and promotions.
-- Ranged based accuracy is now optional (see UFO Extender for details on Ranged Based Accuracy).
-- Minimap.
-- Flying units.
-- Grav lifts.
-- Optional pathfinding preview.
-- Medikits.
-- Laser weapons.
-- Large units.
-- Motion scanner.
-- Alien deployment rules.
-- AI taking cover & throwing grenades.
- Two duplicating ammo bugs.
- Wrong rocket launcher hand sprite.
- "Not enough time units" during alien turn.
- Bug where alien weapons are given to the soldiers.
- Target mode is canceled when switching unit.
- Reserve time unit button is reset when starting new turn.
- Minor drawing glitch visible when walking down the skyranger ramp.
- Geoscape sidebar didn't show up on first start on some languages.
- Bug with line of sight inside UFOs along diagonal walls.
- Bug with pathfinding inside UFOs along diagonal walls.
- Aliens not black when in undiscovered terrain.
- Issue with turn and shoot.
- Too many reaction fires from autoshot (each shot had a chance of a reaction shot which is wrong).
- Unit selection arrow showed up during alien turn.
- Double sliding door didn't open when walking diagonally.
- Energy usage not calculated correctly.
- Missing text in Monthly Report.
- Ground items showing up in soldier's hands.
- Improved interface performance.
- Bug with seeing through undiscovered floors.
- Updated the Rank Bonus values used to calculate soldier "value".
- Apply changes to the base / soldier name when user presses OK.
- Incorrect globe zoom levels.
- Incorrect UI strings.
- Updated Romanian translation.
- Incorrect colors in Battlescape UI.
- Crash when starting mission on back side of globe.
- Endless number of soldiers in Skyranger.
- Clicking visible enemy units clicks other stuff too.
- Fixed lazy ground inventory arrangement.
- Aliens do not suffer from fatal wounds anymore.
- Improved straight line pathfinding in battlescape.
Version 0.3 (01-09-2011)
New features:
- Basescape:
-- Craft rearming.
-- Craft equipping.
-- Purchase/Recruit.
-- Sell/Sack.
-- Base transfers.
- Battlescape:
-- Battle turns.
-- Item equipping, firing, throwing.
-- Environment: fire, smoke, explosions, damage, kills.
-- Unit stats.
-- Inventory.
-- AI Phase 1 (patrol, aggro).
- New languages: Czech, English (UK), Polish, Romanian, Russian.
- Support for custom font characters and full Unicode.
- Options.
- Platform-specific folders.
- Partial Ufopaedia.
- Externalized soldier names.
- Nag screen only shows once.
- Swapped F5 and F12 keys.
- Movable caret in text input.
- Stores column in Purchase screen.
- Bug in Geoscape pathfinding.
- Incorrect language names.
- Cross-platform bug when loading PCK files.
- Invisible loading errors.
- Incorrect mouse events.
- Missing strings.
- Various UI issues.
- Various translation issues.
- Bug in craft rearming.
- FPS Counter didn't always show up properly.
- Crash sites didn't vanish properly.
- Failing to load a game could crash the Geoscape.
- Games weren't always saved properly.
- Monthly report didn't show correct date.
- Crafts in base view weren't positioned correctly.
- Music loading issues.
- Various battlescape fixes.
- Various performance improvements.
Version 0.2 (28-01-2011)
New features:
- Battlescape!
-- Crash site missions.
-- Map generation.
-- Pathfinding.
-- Alien placement.
-- Basic lighting.
-- Basic fog of war.
- New language format (with Spanish and Italian languages).
- Crude Unicode support.
- Windows installer for all your lazy needs!
- Load/save infinite games.
- Screenshot, FPS Counter and Fullscreen keys.
- Any-resolution scaling.
- Support for DOS music.
- Being able to remove bases (Access Lift).
- Friendly start reminder.
- Bug in cursor rendering.
- Removed unused strings and trademarked game names.
- Craft maintenance bugs.
- Bug in text list alignment.
- Bug in bar rendering.
- Crash when a UFO intercepted by multiple craft was destroyed.
- Incorrect text in some screens.
- Some localized strings didn't fit on screen.
- Palette bugs.
- Various memory leaks.
- Being able to click on globe through windows.
- Bugs with multiple-target display.
- Various fixes to globe rendering.
- Big in text word-wrapping.
- Reorganized country/region data.
- Added OK button to Base Name window for people having trouble with Enter key.
- Removed preloading of every language (only one language is used at once, what was I thinking!).
- Bug in pixel blitting.
- Improved error handling.
- Probably many other minor fixes.
Version 0.1 (17-11-2010)
First release!
- Geoscape:
-- Fully-controllable globe.
-- Globe details like country borders and names.
-- Day/night effect.
-- Initial base placement.
-- Basic UFO spawning and detection.
-- Craft interception with fuel consumption and basic dogfights.
-- Craft repairing/refuelling/rearming.
-- Funding overview.
-- Monthly funding.
-- Scroll-wheel support.
- Basescape:
-- Full base view with facilities.
-- Building new bases with access lift placement.
-- Base information.
-- Base stores.
-- Soldier stats (with randomly generated soldiers).
-- Craft info and equipping.
-- Facility building/removal.
-- Scroll-wheel support.
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