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Using FontForge to 'minify' fonts, removes unused characters
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A small python script that creates "minified" font files in various web-ready formats. It does this by utilising the python FontForge API found at FontForge


  1. Install FontForge from above link
  2. Open terminal at this project
  • Ensure your src font (that which you are minifying) is in the "srcFonts" folder
  1. Run this command:

fontforge -script _srcFonts/nameOfMyFont.otf _outputs nameOfMyOutputFont

  1. Your font should appear in the outputs folder


  • Please rename your output font after each iteration. There is an errorless overwrite issue that occasionally pops up meaning your font won't overwrite the existing font.
  • The script currently includes A-Z both upper and lowercase, numbers 0-9 and most major punctuation and a few minor. For full list please view line 21 of the .py script
  • If you only want certain glyphs to be output add another parameter to your command stating either letters or numbers e.g.

fontforge -script _srcFonts/nameOfMyFont.otf _outputs nameOfMyOutputFont numbers

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