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-Agilefant 2.0.5
+Agilefant 3.0 alpha
Release notes
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This helps us keep a full-featured Agilefant free-of-charge forever!
+Changes from 2.5 to 3.0 alpha
++ Iterations can now include stories from multiple products
+ + Iterations can now be "standalone"; this is the simplest way to use Agilefant for iteration management
+ + The project level is no longer mandatory; a product can be advanced via assigning its stories to standalone iterations
++ Per-product user rights
+ + Separated admin users from 'regular' users (admin-status can be set in new user creation)
+ + Only admins are allowed to create products, edit teams, create users, edit other users' accounts, export the database, etc.
+ + Admin users can set which teams can access which products
+ + In team creation the team can be set to access all products;
+ + Likewise, in product creation, all teams can be granted access to it
++ Read-only iterations
+ + Iterations can now be shared as read-only via emailing an URL token (all metrics and stories visible; tasks are hidden)
++ Small usability improvements
+ + Story IDs in iteration and project leaf story lists are now clickable links for copy-paste purposes
++ Misc bug fixes
+ + Fixed initialization of vertical rank in story tree of a newly created story
+ + Overly long decimals truncated in Project metrics widget (used to create custom views into the portfolio)
++ Known issues
+ + Marking an entire story hierarchy (including tasks) as Done on a single action broken
+ + The spent effort graph omits some entries
+ + Other small issues; check out the progress from the shared 'the Path to Beta' iteration (a link can be found from the forums)
+Changes from 2.0.5 to 2.5
++ Improved portfolio management
+ + Improved metrics in Story, Iteration and Project widgets used to create custom views into the
+ development portfolio
++ Improved support for product and release planning
+ + Project burn-up now displays an additional graph based on the maximum of story points in the
+ tree (e.g. story of 10 points having two children with 2 points each => 10 points, instead of 4)
+ + New story attribute 'Value' (a non-negative integer, similar to story points)
+ + Drag & drop multiple stories in the story tree view with a single operation
+ + Added 'rank to top' and 'rank to bottom' as separate buttons in the
+ project leaf stories view for faster ranking; fixed bug regarding these actions
+ + Improved layout when creating stories in the project leaf stories list
+ + New stories are now created to the top of the project leaf stories list
+ + Story IDs are displayed in the project leaf story list for easier reference
++ Improved iteration management
+ + New state 'Deferred' for stories and tasks to indicate that it has been scoped out of the
+ project or iteration. Deferred stories (tasks) are ignored in all metrics
+ + Stories (including tasks) can now be copied in iteration view - helps e.g. in
+ dealing with unfinished stories at the end of an iteration
+ + Iteration burndown now depicts cumulative spent effort as a function of time (when timesheets are enabled)
+ + Setting tasks as 'Ready' prompts for zeroing of effort left
+ + Iteration history tab now includes trace of added/removed stories
+ + Story IDs are displayed in the iteration story list for easier reference
++ User rights
+ + Teams can now be deleted (preparatory work for the upcoming teams/products access matrix)
++ Support for Agilefant's research-industry ecosystem
+ + Manual export of database for research and/or backup purposes (outputs a zipped SQL dump that you
+ can email - Agilefant does not send anything anywhere!)
+ + Automatic anonymization of an exported database for research purposes (all object names
+ are replaced with their ID's, all text fields in objects are replaced with string length)
++ Small usability improvements
+ + All editing is now done with single-click (instead of double-click); double-click still works, though
+ + Smoother drag n' drop for ranking stories in story lists
+ + Search now includes tasks as well
+ + Focus to main frame when loading all pages (pages can be scrolled without unnecessary
+ focus clicking when not using a mouse)
+ + Planned size of projects and iterations now explicitly as man-hours
++ Misc bug fixes
Changes from 2.0.4, also known as Agilefant 2.0.3 (r4337)
+ Usability improvements:

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