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  • Transitioned to a non-scaling WebView to display banner & interstitial type ads


  • Updated dependencies to iOS 7.0.0 and Android 7.0.0 SDKs
  • Added the AwesomeAds class (MonoDevelop subclass) with two methods: triggerAgeCheck and init


  • Improved Bumper Page Experience


  • Update to Work with iOS 6.1.5 & Android 6.1.4 (removed video auto-loading code)


  • Updated imports for SABumperPage to make it work


  • Updated to work with iOS 6.1.4 & Android 6.1.3
  • Updated BumperPage copy


  • Updated to work with iOS 6.1.3 & Android 6.1.2
  • Fixed MoPub failover by handling all types of ad empty / load fail / etc events as well as the special case when the fallback tag is mopub://failLoad


  • Updated to work with iOS 6.1.2 and Android 6.1.1
  • Fixed some small bugs


  • Updated to work with iOS and Android 6.1.0
  • Added a Bumper Page that can overlap any ad (video, banner, interstitial, app wall)
  • Separated Parental Gate into separate library


  • Updated to work with Android 6.0.4
  • Fixes a bug in SABannerAd related to playing an ad and quickly closing it before rendering


  • Updated to work with Android 6.0.3
  • In that I reverted MoPub adapter to work with classic class path


  • Update to work with Android 6.0.2


  • Added support for iOS 6.0.0 and Android 6.0.0
  • Split the SDK into Publishers and Advertisers SDKs (another separate one)
  • Changed the namespacing convention from SuperAwesome to tv.superawesome.sdk.publisher
  • Got rid of the SuperAwesome base class and now I have SADefines and SAVersion


  • Added support for iOS 5.7.2 and Android 5.7.4
  • Fixed a bug that caused video & interstitial ads that failed to load once, sending the adFailedToLoad callback event, start always sending adAlreadyLoaded on subsequent failed loads


  • Added support for iOS 5.7.1 and Android 5.7.3
  • Those add support for the adEmpty callback
  • And fix an issue with displaying banner ads on Unity v5.6.x


  • Added support for iOS & Android 5.7.0 version, which:
  • Adds support for AdMob
  • Fixed bugs in iOS & Android related to banners, padlocks, etc
  • Refactores the MoPub plugin to have the same naming convention as the AdMob, Unity and AIR plugins


  • Update the Unity SDK to work with the Android (5.6.0) and iOS (5.6.0) SDKs
  • Add MRAID support for banner & interstitial ads
  • Update MOAT version to latest supported


  • Updated the Unity SDK to work with the Android (5.5.7) and iOS (5.5.8) SDKs
  • Added camel & snake case options when parsing the SACreative object - for click, impression and install
  • Added the osTarget parameter to the SACreative
  • Fixed some bugs occuring for SAEvents / SAVideoAd / SAInterstitialAd/ SAAppWall on Android


  • Updated the Unity SDK to work with the new Android (5.5.6) and iOS (5.5.5) SDKs. This fixes a small error when the video player tries to play a non-video creative but doesn't auto-close.


  • Updated the Unity SDK to work with the new Android (5.5.4) and iOS (5.5.4) SDKs that load data in webviews using a base url as well


  • Updated the Unity SDK to communicate with the new Android (5.5.3) and iOS (5.5.3) SDKs that add support for scrollable interstitial ads


  • Updated the Unity SDK to communicate with the new Android (5.5.2) and iOS (5.5.2) SDKs that add improvements to the modelspace and eventing systems
  • Fixed bitcode support for iOS


  • Minor improvement to SAInterstitialAd, SAVideoAd and SAAppWall to remove all prefabs.
  • Now you can pre-create any of those instances in Awake or Start
  • Removed calls to update


  • Updated the Unity SDK to communicate with the new Android (5.5.0) and iOS (5.5.0) SDKs
  • Added a separate SACPI class (singleton) to handle all CPI:
    • communicating with native methods
    • receiving a callback with a "success" parameter
    • also removed any reference of CPI in the SuperAwesome class (singleton)
  • Contains changes done in the 5.5.0 versions of the native SDKs:
    • reworked CPI
    • reworked events
    • reworked video player (for Android)
    • improvements & bug fixes


  • Updated the Unity SDK to communicate with the new Android (5.4.8) and iOS (5.4.1) SDK
  • Banner ads don't fire up an "adClosed" event on first load
  • The "adFailedToLoad" events get triggered correctly by the android video ad plugin (before the "adFailedToShow" event got triggered wrongly)
  • On iOS the "setOrientationLandscape" and "setOrientationPortrait" methods will take into account the availabl e orientations the app provides
  • The video ad close button will appear by default after 15 seconds of content playing


  • Updated the Unity SDK to communicate with the new Android (5.4.8) SDK
  • This will mean less files in the resulting .unitypackage import, since the 5.4.8 version removes all dependencies of xml layouts or drawables - all UI elements are now generated in code.
  • This also adds a new and improved video player that is much more versatile.


  • Updated the Unity SDK to communicate with the new iOS (5.4.0) and Android (5.4.0) SDKs
  • Those added support for a new WebPlayer that scales the ad using native code matrix manipulation
  • Also added support for the adEnded event, fired when a video ad ends (but not necessarily closes)
  • Added support for the adAlreadyLoaded event, fired when an Interstitial, Video or AppWall tries to load ad data for an already existing placement
  • Added support for the clickCounterUrl; that's been added as part of the native Ad Creative model class and is now fired when a user clicks an ad.


  • Updated the Unity SDK to communicate with the new iOS (5.3.17) and Android (5.3.13) SDKs.
  • Removed the staging CPI method from the SuperAwesome singleton class
  • All CPI calls now interact with both iOS and Android
  • All CPI calls now have a callback that lets the SDK user know if the Ad Server considered the inst all event to be valid or not.
  • Refactored some navtive method calls.


  • Updated the Unity SDK to be able to override iOS & Android native SDK version & sdk type. This means that all requests from the Unity SDK will be labeled as "unity_x.y.z" instead of "android_x.y.z" or "ios_x.y.z", which in turn provide more accurate statistics for reporting.
  • Updated the method calls in each of the Unity-to-native methods so as to correspond to the new Android & iOS modular plugin structure.


  • Updated the main SDK classes to correspond to the new iOS and Android Plugins (for iOS 5.3.15 and Android 5.3.9)
  • Removed some internal enums such as SABannerSize that were causing problems. Now banners get sent the actual desired witdth & height (e.g. 320x50, 768x90, etc). This simplifies code a little bit and reduced dependency between SDKs (e.g. the Unity SDK and iOS SDKs don't need to know about the same enums)
  • Added default values in the SuperAwesome singleton - now all SDK customizable values are initialised from those values. These should be kept in line with the iOS and Android ones.

3.1.2 3.1.1

  • Add orientation lock

3.1.0 3.0.9

  • Updates to work w/ new versions of iOS & Android SDK


  • Update to work with Unity 5.3+

3.0.7 3.0.6 3.0.5 3.0.4

  • added the SAViewInterface to make the code more in line with iOS / Android practices


  • even tighter and more correct integration with ios & android sdks


  • Update to v3 Unity SDK - which is fully integrated with the iOS / Android native SDKs, and works only as such


  • Add video callbacks for Android


  • Fix some small video issues
  • Do a bit of code cleanup


  • Updated banner & interstitials to work with v2 of the web API
  • Updated video ads to work
  • added Parental Gate (using native iOS / Android integration)
  • added padlock (using native iOS / Android integration)


  • Unity Plugin for native iOS and Android SDKs
  • Added SuperAwesome.openVideoAd method to display video ads