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Web Crawler Application

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Using Scrapy to crawl craigslist and kbb to get sale information about used cars users specified and their kbb price.


A lot of people look at craigslist for an ideal used car that they are planing to buy or are just interested in. Normally when people look at the car price that listed on a craigslist page, they want to know if the car is worth the price listed. For people who are not car experts, they usually go to kbb to check the average price with the same specified conditions that are listed on craigslist.

It's usually true that people will look through lots of cars on craigslist and check their kbb price time and time again. It could takes several days, or several weeks before they find their ideal car.

Sometimes, a good car is just posted to craigslist, which is exactly the car a person want. But he is busy with your work or being tangled with some personal things and forget to check craigslist, he may miss the car. If there is some service that can send emails to him which notify him of a newly posted car, he won't miss it.


Our goal is to offer a mailing service to people who are looking at craigslist for used car, providing a craigslist link to the car that they have expressed their interests in from our subscribing website and the kbb price for the specific car. To reduce the complexity, we just look at the posted information in our area: Raleigh.

To be To be more specific, we develop a website for people to subscribe to our email service and get car information that they specified.(car model, year of make, mileage,etc)Based on these information, we crawl craigslist and find the right car, which agree with the customers needs and look up the price for the car from Kbb. Then we will email subscribed customers the information they need: the basic information( such as year, make, mileage,price), a link to the original posts on craigslist, and the price from Kbb. There should be two versions of our application.

Version_1: Minimal functionality. According to customers' need specified on our subscription website, send them emails including information that they need from 2 websites, Craigslist and kbb.(work done)

Version_2: Full functionality. Besides the subscription service, Build a database of customers' personal information and search records and extend the functionality of our website, so that every time customer log in our website, they will get latest car information since last log in. (Future work)


To achieve the above goals, we want to develop our application based on model-view-controller architecture. The model is to scrape the cars' information from craigslist and kbb. We focus on testing different strategies in realizing the model.

1.Methods to develop scraping models

At first, we are planning to use two methods in web crawler. The first method is to use python regular expression(Python "re" module provides regular expression support). The second method is employing scrapy web framework. Then we find another parsing library beautiful soup. So we realize craigslist web crawler using those three tools. We also compare the time performance of those three tools.


A basic website is developed for users to subscribe to our email notification service We built a basic website for users based on web.py[1][2] framework, postgresql is used to store subscribed user information.

3.Third party platform and Service

We try three different platforms to deploy our application: Virtual Computing Lab for NCSU, Amazon Web Service. At last, VCL is used for the server platform as other platform is blocked. Plus, Sendgrid is used for email delivery service.

Introduction to web crawler

A Web crawler is an Internet bot that systematically browses the World Wide Web, typically for the purpose of Web indexing. A Web crawler may also be called a Web spider, an ant, an automatic indexer, or (in the FOAF software context) a Web scutter.

Web search engines and some other sites use Web crawling software to update their web content or indexes of others sites' web content. Web crawlers can copy all the pages they visit for later processing by a search engine that indexes the downloaded pages so that users can search them much more quickly.

Crawlers can validate hyperlinks and HTML code. They can also be used for web scraping (see also data-driven programming).

Design and Pattern

User can choose different restrictions (car model, car make, year, price and email) and subscribe our daily email. We will keep users' personal information in PostgreSQL database and ensure safety. Then we try to use different crawler engine (regular expression, beautifulsoup and scrapy) to obtain latest information users need on Craigslist and kbb and send email daily.

Publish-subscribe design pattern

We also use publish-subscribe design pattern. We build a one-to-many dependency between our system and subscribers. And when we collect latest car information and send email daily, all subscribers are notified by email.

  • Publish-subscribe design pattern alerts other objects' changes without rebuilding dependencies on them. The individual views implement the Observer interface and register with the model. The model tracks the list of all observers that subscribe to changes. When a model changes, the model iterates through all registered observers and notifies them of the change. With this approach, the model never requires specific information about any views.

File system architecture

File name Description
ProjectScraping Web.py initial directory.
bin Executable file of web application.
doc Related images and documents.
pythontemp_model Code of Performance anlysis. All historical versions of python files and test files. These files do not execute when application running.
static Javascript, css and csv files.
templates Website html files.
tests All test files.


When clicking "subscribe" button, the main process will write user's information into database immediately, and a sub process will generate simultaneously. The sub process will send a welcome email to user. The first email only include available cars in Craigslist, so it will be very fast.

There is also a sending email process on our server. This process is a 24/7 service, and everyday it will send emails to each subscribers. The content of emails comes from crawler engine.

Platform and optimization trial

  • At very beginning, we tried to put our system on Heroku and Amazon web services. However, after deploy our system on these two platform, we found that craigslist and kbb block the IP address of these two companies, and we cannot crawl any information. So we change to NCSU VCL now.

  • In order to increase the speed of sending email, we tried to build another local database to store crawling results. But after deep consideration, we find this database is useless. There are several reasons:

    • Content send to subscribers must be latest, so store obsolete into database is useless;
    • If we build this database, we have to update it daily. Because we cannot access their databases, so the only method is still crawling. What is more, it is unrealistic to store all information locally.
  • Reduce crawling time

    • we find that we can reduce crawling time by using scrapy and getting the structure of the website.

Test procedure

We use python unittest and nosetest to test our code. We use default methods in unittest, such as assertEqual, assertIsInstance, assertIsNotNone and so on.

  • Unit test
    • In modelCragList_development_test.py file, we write unit test related to modelCragList_v2_debug.py file.

      • test_getMilageAndYear method tests whether we can get mileage and year from specific web page.
      • test_craglistsearch method tests whether we can obtain correct information from Craigslist.
    • In modelkbb_development_test.py file, we write unit test related to modelkbb_v1_debug.py. file.

      • test_extractPricekbb method tests if we can get a price list form kbb webpage via extractPricekbb method.
      • We also test whether each url-related methods can return correct urls or not.
    • In postgreSQL_test.py file, we try to test the CRUD operations with postgreSQL database.

  • Feature test

    • In post_form_tests.py file, we write test to make sure default values work for the form.
    • We also write test to ensure after post data, web page will return expected values.
  • Integration test

    • We use Travis CI to do continuous integration test. And it will ensure our modifications pass the test.
  • Stress test

    • We also use press test to calculate the load of our website. This web application can generate 25 virtual users operating on our website in 5 mins

    • We use webbrench to generate certain number of users to visit our website.
    • webbench -c 500 -t 30 In this case, we generate 500 users and let them visit our websites in 30 seconds. Here is the result:
      The result shows that our website can handle 500 users simultaneously.

Completeness of the tests

  • We tested the functionality by subscribe with different car information specified.We received the email. Then we checked craigslist and found that all the cars satisfying the condition are included in the email.
  • We create a shell file coverage.sh using coverage package. You can run bash coverage.sh in terminal to check our test coverage.

Handle bad smell

  • We use a tool named landscope to test health of our code. This tool can check the errors, smells and styles in your code.
  • Now the health of our code is 89% and we set strictness high. It means our code is healthy.


  • In following video, we display follow issues:

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bmi7bwp5V7k&feature=youtu.be
    • User first subscribes our email service.
    • Then user receives a welcome email including available cars in Craigslist immediately.
    • User try to compare the time of manual searching on two website and our web email service.
    • The video shows that user receives second email before he finish manual search.
    • The second email includes information of available cars on Craigslist and completed car prices on kbb.
    • Actually, second email is the service about sending latest information daily. In this video, in order to minimize the time, we set daily email 2 minutes after subscribe.
  • In the following image, we display the print screen of email which subscribers will receive. Each part of email lists information of one available car. These information include car make, model, year, mileage, posted time, web link and Cragslist price. We also offer a table showing the kbb prices of this car in different types. So in this way, subscribers can figure out the price on Cragslist is higher or lower than the normal price instead of opening two websites.


1.Advantages of this application

Right now, people have to go to craigslist to find the car they are interested in with a posted price, and then go to kbb, checking out the review price.It is a pain to look up the kbb price for different cars again and again. Our application will do these two jobs for customers automatically, and people can get updated information emailed to them everyday so they won't miss a newly added target.

2.Difficulty during deploying the application

We tried deploying the application to Heroku and Amazon web services. But the IP of those two is blocked by craigslist. Craigslist seems to block all the IPs from commercial servers. We used VCL to solve this problem.

3.Comparison between python regular expression, beautiful soup and scrapy In theory, regular expressions are a powerful language for matching text patterns. The Python "re" module provides regular expression support. BeautifulSoup is a parsing library and scrapy is a web scraper framework. You give Scrapy a root URL to start crawling, then you can specify constraints on how many number of URLs you want to crawl and fetch,etc., It is a complete framework for Web-scrapping or crawling. In practice, we can use all those three tools. Python regular expressions is flexible and easy to employ.While scrapy and beautiful soup are much more robust. Also, scrapy framework supplies some functions like sending emails. We develop all those three methods and we are interested in the time to crawl four specific models of cars from craigslist using those different methods. The result is is shown in the following figure.

From the above figure, we know that python regular expression and scrape framework are faster than beautiful soup. But python regular expression is not robust to the changing of the html structure. Sometime it will miss specific cars.


1. Web crawling

Web crawler is a powerful tool to gather information from webpage. It will save people a lot of time when searching for information from a complicated webpage, which has a lot of information. It is good for personal use,running on local server. But when you deploy it on some online server, problems appear.

It has been proved true that some websites will block commercial servers from crawling their web,which is quite predictable. These websites are commercial websites,too. Even though they might be free for people to browse, they need users watch their supporters' commercial advertisement to survive. To protect their interests, they have to block others crawl their webpages.

Thirdly, the legality of scraping, especially for commercial use is not clear now. Web scraping may be against the terms of use of some websites. The enforceability of these terms is unclear[6].

But except for these limitations, web crawling is quite useful for information gathering.

2. Github

We use github to do version control and publish issues.

Future Work

1. Reduce scraping time of KBB

In practice, we find the time to scrape the prices of kbb is very long. We find a method to reduce scraping time. In the older method, we need to scrape the types of models recursively. That means, we need to firstly scrape the model page and find the types in those models, then we can get the links of each time, scrape the price of each type. However, if we know the types of each model in advance. We can visit the url of each type directly by passing the parameters. We compare those two methods in the following figure

The new method reduce the scraping time of KBB by five times. That's wonderful! But now we are struggling in getting the types of each model in different years. We will integrate the new method in our future work.

2. Achieve full functionality in version 2.

In more detail, we could make out website having more functionalities.Apart from subscription,It will show the car information crawled from craigslist and Kbb right after you click the submit button.

It will show people's browsing history, just like amazon.

3. A server is needed to long-time service.

Our initial attempt to deploy our application to Heroku, AWS failed since craigslist blocks Heroku and AWS's IPs. For long-time service, we need a online server instead of a VCL machine.

4. The information sent to users could be stored and beautified into a table, with pictures.

It will include one car'picture in the car information that is displayed on our web or sent to people's emails. The whole thing could be put into a table, making it look like a beautiful post.


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