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This is the repository for hUGETracker, the music editing suite for the Gameboy.

If you just want to download hUGETracker, check out the homepage or the releases section!

If you're looking for the music driver you can include in your homebrew game, check out hUGEDriver!

If you want help using the tracker, driver, or just want to chat, join the hUGETracker Discord server!

Build instructions

The general build instructions are yet to be 100% solidified, but these steps will guide you in the right direction.

The only requirements to build hUGETracker are a recent version of Lazarus for your platform. If you plan on building for other platforms than your own, you'll need the FPC crosscompilers for those platforms. (I recommend using FPCUpDeluxe but honestly you probably don't need to do this)

:: Download this repo
git clone --recursive

:: Go into the project directory
cd hUGETracker

:: Let Lazarus know about the dependencies that HT uses
lazbuild --add-package-link rackctls/RackCtlsPkg.lpk
lazbuild --add-package-link bgrabitmap/bgrabitmap/bgrabitmappack.lpk

:: At this point if you want to develop HT, then open hUGETracker.lpi in Lazarus, make sure you're in the 
:: Development build mode, and everything should build correctly. However, in order to allow for concurrent
:: development on the tracker (this repo) and the sound driver (,
:: the hUGEDriver folder is not copied to the output directory, and you're expected to symlink it there yourself;
:: Pick one of the following:

mklink/J lib\Development\x86_64-win64\hUGEDriver hUGEDriver
ln -s hUGEDriver lib/Development/x86_64-linux/hUGEDriver

:: If you just want to build a release for whatever platform you have, pick one of the following:

lazbuild hUGETracker.lpi --build-mode="Production Windows"
lazbuild hUGETracker.lpi --build-mode="Production Mac"
lazbuild hUGETracker.lpi --build-mode="Production Linux"


hUGETracker and hUGEDriver are dedicated to the public domain.