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Unamed Rebirth

[yo͝onˈnāmd] Rebirth

Kind of game

Pokémon-like, ARPG, dungeon crawler.


You are a scientist and you arrive on Unamed, an island where a few people live. The only liveable places are situated near the ocean, or are really well protected, because the inhabitants don't have any creatures to defend themselves against the ones living in the centre of the island. You are going to settle down here after having seen one of your friend, a researcher, dying from an attack of creatures, and look for all these creatures to understand what was going on !

You will need to be patient to get out of the dungeons, and the best creatures possible !


If you run it thanks to the provided release : none

If you want to build it your self :

  • Python 3.x
  • SFML 2.x.y
  • cmake
  • make
  • ruby 2.5.x

Compiling the project

Linux :

$ cd Unamed-ENDIVE && chmod 744 && ./

Windows : Download the latest release of Python (3.x) as well as the latest from the SFML (2.x.y). Download as well cmake and make. Open a command prompt, cd in the directory, then mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make. Then open the build directory in the explorer and move Unamed.exe for it to be alongside the assets folder.


  • copyright Pokémon Company ©, Game Freak inc (using the term "Pokémon" to define the kind of game)
  • Table class (ruby) to handle rxdata : vgvgf
  • using Enterbrain software to create the maps (but we traduct them into the game format)
  • regular help and support : OverSurge, Pacific Void, Nuri Yuri, AhzeLeSteak, yyyyj, DarkCisum, the_new_sky, Deakcor, ralandel, Qames, WDguy45
  • logo of the game : Izaliia
  • outside tiles : Ralandel, 19dante91, 27alexmad27, Alistair, Alucus, Bakura155, Bati', Blue Beedrill, BoOmxBiG, Chimcharsfireworkd, CNickC/CNC, CrimsonTakai, Cuddlesthefatcat, Darkange, Dewitty, EpicDay, Fused, Gigatom, Heavy-Metal-Lover, Hek-el-grande, Kage-No-Sensei, Kizemaru_Kurunosuke, Kyle-dove, LaPampa, LotusKing, New-titeuf, Novus, Nuri Yuri, Pokemon_Diamond, Paranoid, PrinceLegendario, Reck, Red-Gyrados, REMY35, Saurav, SL249, Spaceemotion, Speedialga, Stefpoke, sylver1984, ThatsSoWitty, TheEnglishKiwi, Thegreatblaid, ThePokemonChronicles, TwentyOne, UltimoSpriter, Warpras, WesleyFG, Yoh
  • inside tiles : Slahs
  • graphical interfaces (inventory, dex, equip/PC) : vulvoch
  • graphical interfaces (menu) : Eurons ??, ralandel
  • fights' backgrounds : WesleyFG
  • creatures : Smiley-Fakemon
  • world map : Sansonic
  • cities' name Piderflor, Muth'ira, Silancard : ShootingStarD
  • musics : Bat'
  • characters :

What can we do when a bug appears ?

If you encounter a bug, please open a new issue and describe the bug as follows :