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ESP8266 module with a Spark Core / Particle Photon footprint
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CoreSP12 ESP8266 Board

Copyright 2015 SuperHouse Automation Pty Ltd

An ESP8266 module with the same footprint as a Spark Core or Particle Photon, so that it can be a drop-in replacement for some projects.

Note: only a subset of the Core's I/O pins are connected, so this will only work for projects that specifically use those pins. There are many other limitations so use at your own risk!

More information is available at:


The design is saved as an EAGLE project. EAGLE PCB design software is available from free for non-commercial use. To use this project download it and place the directory containing these files into the "eagle" directory on your computer. Then open EAGLE and navigate to the project.


The specific terms of distribution of this project are governed by the license referenced below.


Licensed under the TAPR Open Hardware License ( The "license" folder within this repository also contains a copy of this license in plain text format.

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