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Eat Your Feelings DB (EYF) is a simple command line project that Edward N, and I developed for our Module One final project at the Flatiron school in 2018. EYF accesses restaurant reviews via the Google places API and associates each review with an emotional analysis from Parallel Dots. We built an OO model and active record database to select for restaurants and reviewers based on the emotional content of their respective reviews.

This app can be forked on GitHub and cloned to a local machine. To re-seed the database drop the existing tables and re-migrate. Enter Parallel Dots and Google Places API keys in the appropriate spots in the db/seeds.rb file. If you'd like to analyze different restaurants replace the strings in the "Places" array with alternative Google Place IDs. Once you have done this run rake db:seed in terminal and it should populate your database with reviews and emotional analysis. Then you should be able to enter "Ruby bin/run.rb" in terminal and launch our application. Enter "all restaurants" to confirm the data was properly entered.

We would value any contributions in areas of user interface, automatically selecting / adding new restaurants, and performing more analytical operations on the dataset.