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An economy simulator game developed in C, Command-line based
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Economitopia: What is it?

Economitopia is a simple, but interesing economy game about building factories and mantaining product quality.

If you lose your money, or your product quality drops down to 0, you lose the game.

To keep your money up, you need to build factories fast, and wait until you get engough money to keep your quality product up, but wait, compettitors will steal your customers!. customers will decrease by time so it will be harder to gain money. Take in count that you can't build more than 35 factories, due to the enviromental regulations.

How to compile

If you want to compile the game, you need:

  • Borland Turbo C
  • Turbo C++ (TurboC3), we only need the BGI folder for our graphics
  • MS-DOS enviroment (VirtualBox, DOSBox, A real MS-DOS)

Side note: This program dosent supports Windows users anymore after (Windows will mishandle DATA files paths, wich are vital for the program)

How to install

If the floppy disk is set up use the command:

copy A: C:

else type:


wich will bring you to the Economitopia folder.


If you want to translate, create a file of the ISO code of the language you're translating, followed by the "txt" extension. This rules applies for newly created or modified files:

  • Put a comma after the string (i.e "Hello world!;" without commas)
  • Mantain the order that eng.txt has (the strings are read in a specific order, changing that order may mess up the text)

This rules aren't really "rules" but they're needed for the file to be properly read.

External documentation

Social media

Found our new updates and other here: Discord:

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