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An economy simulator game developed in C, for the MS-DOS
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Economitopia: What is it?

Economitopia is a simple, but interesing economy game about building factories and mantaining product quality.

If you lose your money, or your product quality drops down to 0, you lose the game.

To keep your money up, you need to build factories fast, and wait until you get engough money to keep your quality product up, but wait, compettitors will steal your customers!. customers will decrease by time so it will be harder to gain money.

Re-Organization (third recoding!)

I will recreate economitopia, trowing off the text mode, and only using graphical mode. This is the list of new features, coming soon:

  • Not too much files (all data will be stored in .DAT files)
  • Faster rendering (Using the VIDEO DYNAMIC UPDATER v1.0)
  • RAW and CCIFF image editor
  • Save/Loading games
  • Better sprites
  • Mod engine
  • Beatiful and minimalistic title screen
  • Own font
  • Light and decent color handling

External documentation


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