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SuperNET Docs

This SuperNET Docs repository is for Iguana testers.

To make life of Iguana API testers, there pre-compiled binaries included with this repository.

OS X Platform Testers:

  • Open command line Terminal app
  • Change directory to iguana/ and execute ./iguana_osx

Linux Platform Testers:

  • Open command line Terminal
  • Change directory to iguana/ and exuecute ./iguana_unix

Start testing iguana API:

  • After starting iguana for your platform start web browser and visit
  • It will display a web page with with SuperNET API list. You can use the input fields there to fill the data and submit to get results.

Under directory iguana/help/ you'll find many .json files relating to the iguana API names. The json fileds are pretty self explanatory. You can open these .json files and edit the description.

  • To make life easier to edit these json files, you can copy the content of the json file, and paste it in online json editor such as
  • There edit the description in right side pane and update the left side pane's json code.
  • Update the .json file contents, save it, and when done make a pull request to update the SuperNET Docs repository.

It's advised to use the online json editor as of these reasons:

  • It asures that the json format you are submitting is correct.
  • You can use [Github markdown] ( in description which you'll put in .json fields.
  • online json editor makes sure the markdown code you make does not break the json format, and still keep the markdown working code in description.

Previewing iguana API Docs with slate

[Slate] ( is used for Documentation writing. Whatever updates you make to the .json files, are compiled to a file named which is found under iguana/ directory.

This file needs to be replaced or update at slate/source/includes/ if you want to preview it with slate.

There are few steps to update

  • When you test and update iguana API information in .json files, and wants to update the file, just delete the iguana/index7778.html file.
  • Now refresh or revisit the address
  • Visiting this link will regenerate the iguana/index7778.html file and also update the relative other files in iguana/ directory.

To preview the slate documents, you will first need to install slate. For that execute these commands from directory slate/:

# Make sure to have ruby-dev and nodejs package installed.
# Not having ruby-dev gave issues installing ffi gem package

sudo apt-get install ruby-dev nodejs

# either run this to run locally
bundle install
bundle exec middleman server

# OR run this to run with vagrant
vagrant up

You can now see the docs at http://localhost:4567 or

Or as an alternative I have created a shell script to make life or documentation writer a bit easier. Once you have made changes to any .json file in iguana/help/ directory, just execute the script from slate/ directory.

It will delete iguana/index7778.html file, access url using curl, and then process slate to build and update index.html file under slate/build directory. This makes the finale distributeable index.html file which can be opened by just double clicking that index.html file, and opening it in a web browser. no need to access any http://localhost etc.

You can also make static html pages of the so far docs by executing ./ It's totaly option if you want to build the static html files or not.

Join [SuperNET Slack] ( #iguana channel to keep updated with iguana development and get help on iguana API.

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