Modular soundboard for the 2016 MBP's Touch Bar
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#SoundBar - Customizable Version A sound app for the new Macbook Pro's Touch Bar. Branches of the git project have different sounds, and the master branch is planned to be a modular version for easy editing.

This branch does not have any sounds in it. It is for making your own soundboard. You must choose a branch or grab a precompiled binary to have sounds. The project Wiki has information on how to use this project to make your own soundboard.

Pre-Release 0.2 Screenshot

Ver 0.2 screenshot (Outdated)


Precompiled binaries can be found under the default GitHub location. You can either run them on a real 2016 rMBP, or using the simulated XCode Touch Bar.

I don't update the binaries as often as I should, so you may be better off compiling your own if you want the newest build.


  1. Play entertaining sounds right from your Touch Bar
  2. Emoji and other clever sound names
  3. Easy-english documentation for editibility


  1. More sounds, of course.
  2. App Icon
  3. Find a way to use .png files on the buttons instead of just Unicode characters.
  4. Add the sound effect buttons to the main macOS window.
  5. Add more documentation.

About Forking

  1. To make people who want to make their own SoundBar have an easier time, I strive to provide good documentation. However, this documentation will likely only be on the modular source code of the Master branch, not the others.
  2. Original credit for this project goes to Hung Truong's original Git.


  1. Since the new Macbook isn't available yet, you can test out my first Touch Bar app with Xcode 8.1 and macOS Sierra 10.2.1.
  2. Branches have different sounds. You need to either compile a branch, or just download a precompiled release if you want more than silence.


Feel free to copy this code and use it to make your own SoundBar app. I believe that free and open software makes the world a better place, and although this project probably won't have a huge impact, I try to apply this philosophy to all of my work. As such, use my code how you want, and attribute me if you want.