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SuperTradeCoin Core [SPTDC]


What is SuperTradeCoin?

SuperTradeCoin is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, although it does not use SHA256 as its proof of work (POW). Taking development cues from Tenebrix and Litecoin, SuperTradeCoin currently employs a simplified variant of scrypt.

  • Currency unit : SPTDC
  • Algorithm : Scrypt
  • Block Interval : 1 minute (60 seconds)
  • Difficulty Retarget : Every block (using Kimoto's Gravity Well)
  • Total supply : 25,000,000,000 SPTDC Block reward
  • Premine: First 10 block are 2,500,000,000 SPTDC
  • Bonus reward for block 11 to 299999 of 1000 coins
  • Bonus reward for block 299999 - 399999 of 500 coins
  • Bonus reward for block 399999 - 599999 of 250 coins
  • Bonus reward for block 599999 - 1,000,000 of 100 coins
  • Subsidy is cut in half every 200,000 blocks starting at block 1200000

Overview plz make supertradecoind/supertradecoin-cli/supertradecoin-qt

The following are developer notes on how to build SuperTradeCoin on your native platform. They are not complete guides, but include notes on the necessary libraries, compile flags, etc.


  • rpcuser=sptdcuser
  • rpcpassword=sptdcpassword
  • listen=1
  • txindex=1
  • rpcport=46636
  • port=46637


SuperTradeCoin Core is a multithreaded application, and deadlocks or other multithreading bugs can be very difficult to track down. Compiling with -DDEBUG_LOCKORDER (configure CXXFLAGS="-DDEBUG_LOCKORDER -g") inserts run-time checks to keep track of what locks are held, and adds warning to the debug.log file if inconsistencies are detected.

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