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a library for dayz performance improvments

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A small and easy to use performance library (.dll) for bliss (dayz server).

So why it makes sense to optimize server script code sometimes?

We are talking here mainly about so called eventhandlers (EH's).
EH's are scripted procedures/function wich are called on demand. For example, an EH can be executed if a public variable change. EH are currently running in the so called non scheduled environment in a single thread. This means there is only one running EH at the same time. So if one slow running EH is executed, all other events must wait in a queue. To have a fast responding server it is important, that we write our EH code with highest possible efficiency.

Now lets explain what blissperflib.dll can do for us and how it is to use.

Essential part of this library is the included profiler. It works by collecting call statistics for code segments and logs all call statistic data to a logfile. All this works in realtime and logging works asynchron (in separat thread), so the profiler has nearly no impact to overall performance. Just lets run your prepared server with high load for a few hours and then evaluate blissperflib.log. So you can easily spot the bottlenecks and then start investigating the related code or report your results to other developers.

In some cases it is useful or nessecary to replace script code by much faster c code.
This library supports you in this case too, by providing an easy to use interface template.

With the help of our profiler we can easily spot a perfect example of a bottleneck:
The function fnc_split in the current bliss implementation. Read more below.

How to use details and links:


Compile blissperflib.dll from source /src or get the library binary (.dll) from here:

Copy blissperflib.dll to your Arma 2 directory.

To obtain function/codesegment names in blissperflib.log instead of numbers, there must be a blissperflib.ini file in Arma 2 directory (see below for syntax).

To profile a script (or piece of code), just insert the following lines at begin and end:

_PCID19 = "blissperflib" callExtension "I:19";
"blissperflib" callExtension format ["O:%1",_PCID19];

Where all '19' represents a unique ID and must be replaced with a integer in range 10..99
(Make sure that in all .sqf functions, the return variable is always the last line!!!)

To show real names in the log, there must be valid entrys in blissperflib.ini
example of blissperflib.ini:

18 = server_hiveReadWrite
19 = server_hiveWrite
20 = server_onPlayerConnect

To save much work there is a perl script (prepare profiler) here:

Run from your repository directory. It generates blissperflib.ini for you and inserts the two profiler code lines at begin and end in every .sqf file from a specified directory for you. A little handwork is nessecary, if you have functions in this directory, wich need the return variable as last line. Here, after running the script, you just have to move the return variable manually to the last line.
(for example fnc_replace, fnc_split, fnc_join, server_hiveReadWrite are functions, wich return results!!!)
The default directory, where the script is looking for .sqf files is ./bliss/dayz_server/compile. There are mainly the server side event handlers placed. To change it, currently you have to change it in directly.
If we are ready with profiling work, we currently have to restore the original files from repository or your backup.

The profiler logging output goes to Arma2Dir\blissperflib.log and a line looks like that:

12:23:59 PT: 1 TC: 37 AD: 6.07ms 21.14ms : fnc_split

PT: currently parallel running pseudo threads (only investigated code counts)
TC: total count of this function/codesegment since server start
AD: average duration of this function/codesegment
CD: current duration of this function/codesegment
and last the name of this function/codesegment

fnc_split: (the first black sheep found)
fnc_split is the first function replacment, implemented in this library (blissperflib.dll).

It is more then 100 times faster!!! then the related .sqf code.
If you have a big server with 30+ players, such optimization is noticeable for you and your players.

If you only want use this library function just do the following:
Replace the file Repository\bliss\dayz_server\compile\fnc_split.sqf with the file from here:

Run from your bliss repository and copy Repository\deploy\@Bliss\addons\dayz_server.pbo
to Arma 2\@Bliss\addons\dayz_server.pbo

Just to clarify, it is NOT NESSECARY to prepare the profiler, if you only want use the optimized function('s) from the library.
All you need then is the installed blissperflib.dll and the related .sqf replacement, fnc_split.sqf for example.

Thats all for now. Let me know if you have ideas for improvements.

ENJOY THE DIFFERENCE and sorry for my english :/

Special thanks to ayan4m1 and the bliss team, for the great bliss development:

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