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Contributing to SuperTux

Bug reports

  • GitHub Issues in English only. IRC support might be possible in other languages, however English is generally preferred so everyone can understand what's happening.
  • Please check for duplicate issues on GitHub, as they're wasting the developers' time.
  • Also try to check if your issue has been resolved in the development version.
  • Separate issues and feature requests. Don't put all in the same issue.
  • If you made a mistake in your bug report, please use GitHub's edit feature to correct the wrong detail, instead of closing the old issue and opening a new one.

Required information

Please include the following details in your issue report so that we can investigate:

  • The SuperTux version you're using, as printed in the bottom left corner of the menu or in supertux2 -v.
  • Details about your kernel, operating system and distribution, including name and version details.
  • If possible, provide steps to reproduce your issue.
  • If available, it's a great help for the developers to include a backtrace from gdb or a core dump. If you're on GNU/Linux and your distro is using systemd, it's highly likely that a core dump is available using coredumpctl(1).

Add-on related issues

No support is provided for third-party add-ons (that doesn't include official add-ons or language packs). However, a pull request against the SuperTux/addons repository containing a fix is always welcome.

Translation issues

Please use Transifex to fix or report translation related issues.

Pull requests

  • No duplicate pull requests, please.
  • Please test your code to see if it works correctly. If the pull request is untested or work-in-progress, please mention that.
  • Pull requests importing translation updates from Transifex are, unless requested by a contributor, not very welcome.
  • Commit messages should follow this style:
    • First line: Short summary, up to 72 characters
    • An empty line, separating message subject and body
    • Detailed explanatory text for the change which can include multiple paragraphs, or bullet points. Maximum of 72 characters per line.
    • If the commit fixes an issue reported on GitHub, please add another empty line, followed by a line containing Closes #xyz, where #xyz is the issue to close. See for a more detailed description of this feature.
    • If the commit doesn't include any changes that need CI testing (code or build system changes should always be CI tested, other things not), yet another empty line, followed by a line containing [ci skip]. This makes the CI ignore that commit.
  • Please squash commits that belong together. If you forget initially, it's okay to force push to your own fork to fix it.
  • No merge commits inside pull requests. Use git-rebase to keep your branch up-to-date.
  • To make it easier for everyone, don't make a pull request pulling your fork's master branch.