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@tobbi tobbi released this Dec 23, 2018

The SuperTux team is excited to announce the availability of the stable release 0.6.0 after almost two years of development.


  • Complete redesign of the icy world and forest world (Thank you, RustyBox and Serano)
  • Complete revamp of our rendering engine, the game should be much faster than it was previously
  • We now support OpenGL 3.3 Core as well as OpenGL ES 2.0, thus allowing SuperTux to be run on the Raspberry Pi, and potentially WebGL.
  • A few graphics have been updated, and effects have been added
    • The save bell was reworked (Thanks to Raghavendra "raghukamath" Kamath!)
    • Improved big Tux graphics and animations (Thanks to Alzter)
    • Various effects and shaders (Thanks to Grumbel)
  • Support for right-to-left languages through vector fonts. This will also fix a few non-ASCII characters, which often caused problems before in translations
  • A lot of other under-the-hood changes and bugfixes
  • Official Linux binaries

Note: If you've previously used torches in your levels and their positioning is off, please re-position them. We had to re-align their bounding boxes in order to fix bugs with their flame.

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