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SuperTux 0.6.1

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The SuperTux Team is excited to announce the availability of SuperTux 0.6.1. This is first and foremost a bugfix release that fixes reported issues after the release of 0.6.0 a year ago, however, we also introduced a lot of other changes, such as new graphics, levels and other game content.


  • Rework of the first 3 Bonus Worlds
  • Added 3 new bonus worlds to the core game
  • Improvements to the story mode
  • Addition of Ghost Forest to the Story Mode
  • New Backgrounds and Music by BlasterMaster
  • Tiles and Sprites Improvements by Alzter, weluvgoatz and RustyBox
  • New enemy: The Ghoul
  • Fixes and optimizations (Fixing buggy controls, game speed, etc.)
  • Level Editor Improvements, Fixes and Optimisations
  • Revamp of the Credits Menu
  • Blocks (and other objects behaving like blocks, such as lanterns) no longer jitter when stacked on top of one another
  • Trampolines as bonus block contents no longer hurt Tux
  • An issue causing music not to get saved in the level editor was fixed