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Note: This Wiki is converted from the previous Mediawiki format, this conversion is not complete, but progressed far enough that this Wiki is ready to be used again, a lot of outdated information does however remain. If you find some, don't delete it, update it and/or move it to an appropriatly titled archive page.

This Wiki is used to document the current state of SuperTux as well as keep track of proposed additions and changes.

This Wiki is targeted at the developers of the game, not users, users are however free to check out what is going on behind the scenes.

The old Mediawiki based Wiki has been merged into this Wiki and has been switched to read-only mode. It is no longer updated, but it can still be viewed.

Guidelines and tips for using this Wiki

  • News is for keeping track of what is going on in SuperTux development. Every substantial addition or change to the game should be documented here.

  • Do not delete information from this Wiki unless it is completely out of date or otherwise useless, prefer moving it over to Ideas, Reject Ideas or another appropriate place instead.

  • Use Markdown (.md) for the Wikipages.

  • Use line-breaks at around 80 characters, the .md files are meant to be viewed and edited in a text editor

  • Run the in the Wiki repository to check for broken links.

  • New pages should go to the _Sidebar for easy access.

  • Prefer big pages, don't fracture content over too many small pages.

  • Users without write access to this project need to use the wiki repository to submit changes via pull requests, directly editing this Wiki is disabled


For players

Learn how to play with the User Manual

Chat on the SuperTux Forum

For level designer

Publish levels to the SuperTux Forum, and if we like the look of them, you may be able to submit levels to the official game.

For coders

Build the game, and get started.

Fix some easy bugs

Join us on IRC

Clone this wiki locally
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