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Meeting_2024 07 07

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The 2024-07-07 meeting was held on July 7th at 16:00 UTC on IRC.

Present were:

Additional participants:


1. Should we change the default renderer to SDL?

  • Change the default renderer to SDL, add descriptions for each renderer in renderers menu.

2. Should we change the release time for v0.7.0 to Christmas?

  • Change the release month to December, do not postpone the release further.

3. Thoughts on changing the Bonus Island Tux Doll requirement?

  • Start by requiring 80% of all Tux Dolls to be collected. Based on player feedback, lower it if needed.

4. Thoughts on replacing powerup stacking with an item pocket?

  • Replace powerup stacking with item pockets, where each pocket would store 1 powerup.
  • In multiplayer, dividing the amount of players by two would result in the amount of available pockets.
  • On item selection, the pocket would drop its powerup in Tux Doll style:
    • Bouncing from the player.
    • Having no collision.
    • Falling down slower than a Tux Doll.
  • The item pockets UI would be on the top-left corner of the screen.

5. How should we announce on Mastodon that we are looking for coders?

  • Create a post on Mastodon saying that coders are welcome.
  • Include details, like:
    • Programming language used (C++).
    • The fact that we have an engine.
    • Important issues to be fixed (ex. OpenGL rendering, collision system), as well as a link to the GitHub issue tracker.
    • Link to the SuperTux Discord server.

6. Should we introduce an item shop to the game?

  • Most members in the discussion are neutral on the introduction of item shops to the game. This is to be further discussed in a future meeting.
  • Even if agreed on, item shops will likely be introduced post-v0.7.0.

7. Thoughts on the introduction of a "Moderator" role on the SuperTux Discord server?

  • The moderator role has been introduced in the Discord server for the following reasons:
    • There are people there that would make good Discord moderators, but don't contribute enough to be on the team to have an administrator "SuperTux Team" role.
    • There were no active American mods, meaning that there was a dead period when people can mostly do whatever they want, because of no active human moderators.
  • The role features message management, message log viewing, thread management, mute, kick and timeout permissions.
  • The role has been given to tylerandari12, FrostC and Sevenberry.

8. How should we name the proposed option for thunderstorm flash opacity (SuperTux/supertux#3000)?

  • The option will be named "Flash Intensity".


Messages were logged on the UTC+2 timezone.

(18:00:41) * mrkubax10 is logging
(18:00:58) FrostC: -Moving the default renderer to SDL -Changing the bonus island tuxdoll requirement  -replacing powerupstacking with item pocket -powerup shop
(18:01:05) tylerandari12: Hi
(18:01:08) FrostC: there was oneo ther topic i wanted to discuss but i forgor
(18:01:13) RustyBox: bongo
(18:01:16) tylerandari12: TRUE
(18:01:20) FrostC: @matusguy also reminder to try to get more coders through mastadon
(18:01:29) tylerandari12: Yea
(18:01:35) tylerandari12: Also THE ITEM POCKET
(18:01:36) PoketMarty04: Mastodon propaganda will be needed
(18:01:42) FrostC: ITEM POCKET HYPE!
(18:01:43) tylerandari12: Which will REPLACE powerup stacking
(18:01:44) FrostC: OOh
(18:01:49) Vankata453: 1. Moving default renderer to SDL
(18:01:53) tylerandari12: Because powerup stacking SUCKS
(18:01:56) FrostC: thats the other one i wanted to talk about
(18:01:57) matusguy: wait
(18:01:58) matusguy: wahat
(18:02:00) tylerandari12: OH YEAH THE RELEASE
(18:02:04) matusguy: which one
(18:02:08) matusguy: ok so sdl?
(18:02:09) tylerandari12: 0.7 release
(18:02:43) Vankata453: About the renderer, I agree on this switch, as long as the renderers menu provides a description for each renderer
(18:02:59) FrostC: okay heres the list  1) making default renderer SDL 2) Changing release to christmas 3) changing bonus island tuxdoll requirement  4)replacing powerupstacking with item pocket 5)try to get new coders through mastadon 6)powerup shop
(18:03:01) PoketMarty04: Also Marty what about GLM removal, collision issues, sloped questions marks
(18:03:10) matusguy: not gonna be discussed
(18:03:12) tylerandari12: The forbidden
(18:03:16) PoketMarty04: Uhm ok
(18:03:19) FrostC: kill the glm
(18:03:35) RustyBox: sdl, sure
(18:03:42) tylerandari12: agreed
(18:03:45) FrostC: anyways. SDL should be the default renderer as it runs better, DOESN'T CAUSE THE GAME TO BLUESCREEN ON WINDOWS
(18:03:51) allie: Until opengl's renderer gets improved i dont think its an issue
(18:04:01) matusguy: i agree with frost
(18:04:02) tylerandari12: yeah
(18:04:02) FrostC: because openGL causes the game to bluescreen on windows. somehow
(18:04:09) tylerandari12: We can keep it in the back
(18:04:14) tylerandari12: But not the default
(18:04:16) FrostC: and it runs way worse.
(18:04:17) Vankata453: I agree with frost too, as it seems to be a somewhat common issue
(18:04:22) matusguy: Thats what we plan
(18:04:39) Vankata453: Do you all agree on the renderer descriptions in the menu
(18:04:45) FrostC: sure
(18:04:45) tylerandari12: Is it not obvious lmao
(18:04:46) matusguy: Yes
(18:04:47) RustyBox: sure
(18:04:49) allie: Yes
(18:04:53) PoketMarty04: I'm OK with SDL but personally I've never encountered any of the openGL issues
(18:04:55) matusguy: Maybe you could use the help text thing
(18:05:03) Vankata453: Exactly, help texts
(18:05:07) tylerandari12: Then you can use opengl lol
(18:05:13) tylerandari12: Keep it in the back, but not the default
(18:05:20) Vankata453: People who can run opengl fine still can run it
(18:05:34) FrostC: yeah
(18:05:36) PoketMarty04: Yes yes it's fine I don't object anything
(18:05:44) tylerandari12: Can we move on lol
(18:05:47) Vankata453: Before sdl was bad because graphics were glotching out
(18:05:53) matusguy: does tobbi allow us to
(18:05:54) allie: I think we have concluded this one
(18:05:58) tylerandari12: Yeah
(18:06:20) tylerandari12: Whats the next topic
(18:06:26) Vankata453: QUESTION 1 SUMMARY: Change the default renderer to SDL, add descriptions for each renderer in renderers menu.
(18:06:31) FrostC: yes !
(18:06:37) mrkubax10: fine for me
(18:06:47) tylerandari12: go
(18:06:47) Vankata453: 2. Changing release time to Christmas
(18:06:50) RustyBox: yes
(18:06:51) tylerandari12: Yea
(18:06:52) matusguy: yes
(18:06:52) FrostC: YES
(18:07:01) tylerandari12: We wont get an Augusy release with these bugs
(18:07:01) PoketMarty04: Sounds more than reasonable
(18:07:02) Vankata453: If yall feel like there is a lot of work sure I guess
(18:07:03) allie: Its a safe move to get everything done for sure
(18:07:03) matusguy: then we keep the old release schedule aswell
(18:07:05) Vankata453: I also have stuff to do
(18:07:14) FrostC: not only would it let us make the game bug free
(18:07:18) tylerandari12: We all do lol
(18:07:21) Vankata453: And yeah December is kind of a tradition now for some reason
(18:07:41) allie: Making the game bug free is overshooting but we can get it to a way better state
(18:07:43) Vankata453: I just saw the vc
(18:07:43) PoketMarty04: Pengiun game, december, cold, perfect
(18:07:50) tylerandari12: Me when i wake up on Christmas
(18:07:52) tylerandari12: Amd
(18:07:55) tylerandari12: Sup tuc
(18:08:00) FrostC: but it could also let us make 07 more of a complete package, with the extra time letting us add stuff like bi2,  minibosses, etc
(18:08:17) tylerandari12: yeah
(18:08:21) tylerandari12: Like THE ITEM POCKET
(18:08:22) allie: Just remember not to overadd
(18:08:25) Vankata453: @servalot in case you wanna say something regarding the meeting, you can do so here
(18:08:30) FrostC: of course
(18:08:36) Vankata453: So anyone against this?
(18:08:39) allie: Nope
(18:08:40) Vankata453: December release
(18:08:44) PoketMarty04: Its good
(18:08:47) tylerandari12: Christmat
(18:08:48) matusguy: yea
(18:08:49) Vankata453: I am fine
(18:08:52) Vankata453: With it
(18:08:56) mrkubax10: same
(18:08:58) servalot: Daniel isn't here to corroborate yet
(18:09:04) tylerandari12: Mwrry christmarties
(18:09:10) servalot: He's probably eeping
(18:09:12) FrostC: sodzwant
(18:09:17) PoketMarty04: Oh right where is daniel
(18:09:42) Vankata453: Do we wait for Daniel or
(18:09:47) allie: not sure
(18:09:50) Vankata453: Cause at this point no one is against it
(18:10:01) tylerandari12: insert daniel sticker
(18:10:09) matusguy: next?
(18:10:12) Vankata453: But it should be our last release time chanfe
(18:10:23) FrostC: def
(18:10:26) tylerandari12: Yea
(18:10:27) mrkubax10: wasn't it postponed already
(18:10:31) FrostC: yes
(18:10:32) PoketMarty04: As allie said tho do not overadd
(18:10:37) Vankata453: It was so this should be the last time
(18:10:42) allie: Yes
(18:10:45) allie: we shall go to the next one
(18:10:49) tylerandari12: true
(18:10:49) FrostC: yup
(18:10:50) Vankata453: Okay moment
(18:10:59) tylerandari12: Truly an okay moment
(18:11:12) Vankata453: QUESTION 2 SUMMARY: Change release month to December, do not postpone the release further.
(18:11:23) tylerandari12: Yea yea
(18:11:26) PoketMarty04: Also guys I just realized I'm not really in the team is it fine if I stay here staying stuff?
(18:11:32) tylerandari12: Youre fine
(18:11:34) Vankata453: 3.Changing bonus island tuxdoll requirement
(18:11:38) tylerandari12: Frost
(18:11:43) FrostC: yes
(18:11:43) Vankata453: What do you Mena by this frost
(18:11:50) tylerandari12: Explain
(18:11:52) tylerandari12: Enlighten us
(18:12:01) servalot: I think the tux dolls being used to unlock bonus islands was a cool idea
(18:12:12) servalot: Because you really need to have played through story first
(18:12:18) servalot: To enjoy them
(18:12:29) Vankata453: Yep
(18:12:32) FrostC: So instead of having to beat story mode + get all tux dolls for a world, the only requirement would be x amount of tuxdolls total for a world
(18:12:42) tylerandari12: You mean like almost all?
(18:12:48) RustyBox: what amount though
(18:12:54) matusguy: i feel like in order to get the best experience out of bi1, you need to play story mode first
(18:12:56) PoketMarty04: How many are there in total?
(18:13:05) tylerandari12: Idk lol
(18:13:07) RustyBox: varies
(18:13:11) tylerandari12: Too many
(18:13:11) RustyBox: idk the exact number
(18:13:22) RustyBox: i think 2 on average n each level
(18:13:24) PoketMarty04: Yes but you don't have to find every single secret to end story mode
(18:13:25) RustyBox: we got like 50+
(18:13:28) RustyBox: so idk 100 min
(18:13:29) servalot: X number implies that a world map is going to be heavily non linear right
(18:13:35) servalot: Like story mode
(18:13:35) RustyBox: across two worlds
(18:13:40) servalot: Otherwise there's hardly any point
(18:13:41) Vankata453: I'm not sure about this change, it's good to know the player has gone through everything
(18:13:51) FrostC: the idea being a new player would naturally be able to unlock bi1 by the time they beat like.. world 2. but a better player could unlock it like, way earlier
(18:13:52) tylerandari12: I guess it depends l. What is X amount? Almost all? Hlaf of them?
(18:14:12) Vankata453: Better player but still not one who has gone through everything
(18:14:38) RustyBox: if we do determine an amount, we should do that for a later release
(18:14:44) FrostC: the main thing i guess would be discussing the amount of tuxdolls needed for each bonus island
(18:14:51) allie: ye
(18:14:52) RustyBox: so for 0.7 let's collect feedback from players on how difficult and tedious it is do find all
(18:14:57) PoketMarty04: I think frost is on to something
(18:15:04) RustyBox: if they really have issues for the most part, lower the required amount
(18:15:11) RustyBox: and leave 100% for achievement purposes
(18:15:21) tylerandari12: The collector
(18:15:24) Vankata453: Yea let's have everything required initially
(18:15:41) RustyBox: πŸ˜„
(18:15:49) tylerandari12: :lychee:
(18:16:06) FrostC: imo. this is what the requirment should roughtly be.  bi1; should be able to be unlocked in a casual playthrough by the end of world 2. maybe a bit more restrictive.  bi2; should be able to be unlocked after getting everything in w1, and maybe like half of w2?
(18:16:12) servalot: Can we have achievement ideas put on GitHub on some file btw
(18:16:19) tylerandari12: True
(18:16:28) RustyBox: I can do that
(18:16:31) tylerandari12: Yipe
(18:16:33) RustyBox: I have them right here πŸ˜›
(18:16:34) PoketMarty04: I'd say to do not expect people to 100β„… tux dolls for each world to unlock each bonus island. I'd say you unlock them progressively. Like 15 you get bi1 30 you get bi2, 45 you get bi3 and so on
(18:16:39) FrostC: in the end, 80% of the tuxdolls should be needed to get to bi4. and the other 20% is maybe just for the 100% flex
(18:16:47) tylerandari12: YES
(18:16:52) tylerandari12: THE FLEX
(18:17:04) Vankata453: But it defeats the purpose of making sure people have been made familiar with the mechanics
(18:17:10) tylerandari12: How tho
(18:17:23) Vankata453: Unless BIs are made in mind with what the player knows at a certain point
(18:17:26) tylerandari12: Most means that theyve had to go through almost everything
(18:17:31) FrostC: you see, the usual person playing wouldn't unlock bi1 without beating world 2
(18:17:39) tylerandari12: Yeah
(18:17:41) PoketMarty04: But the tux dolls are literally just hidden most of the times. It doesn't really require the gameplay skill more of the finding secrets one
(18:17:48) RustyBox: we could also add the requirement that you must also beat the world before
(18:17:58) RustyBox: then again
(18:18:01) matusguy: not sure about that oen
(18:18:09) RustyBox: they're missing later game mechaincs I suppose
(18:18:10) FrostC: and for a player who is good, they should probably be able to figure out the mechanics on their own, if they somehow havent already played world 2 in a previous playthrough.
(18:18:13) RustyBox: on the other hand...
(18:18:14) Vankata453: Wdym before
(18:18:17) RustyBox: so be it
(18:18:22) tylerandari12: SO BE IT
(18:18:25) FrostC: so be it
(18:18:28) Vankata453: Shouldn't players meet the mechanics in Story mode
(18:18:29) RustyBox: people should be smart enough
(18:18:40) tylerandari12: We gotta have trust in our players lmao
(18:18:47) RustyBox: to understand that playing the main game first is better then playing bonus stuff befoe that
(18:18:57) Vankata453: Agree
(18:18:58) tylerandari12: We dont want another 0.6.3 secret area bonus block
(18:19:16) FrostC: yeah but players who aren't great/inexperenced will probably meet the mechanics first in story mode
(18:19:27) RustyBox: ideally yeah
(18:19:34) FrostC: because the amount of players who are kinda bad probably arent the same kinds of players who grind tuxdolls
(18:19:37) RustyBox: unless they are a fool and just say "nnaaaah it's fine"
(18:19:39) tylerandari12: Literally me in milestone 1
(18:19:41) RustyBox: but then that's on them
(18:19:53) Vankata453: Ah I see where you're coming from now
(18:19:57) FrostC: yeah
(18:20:18) Vankata453: What percentage of all tuxdolls
(18:20:22) RustyBox: I would say, keep t 100% tux dolls for now and based on feedback from players, change it to x amount (should not go below 50% imo)
(18:20:27) FrostC: true
(18:20:32) tylerandari12: yeah
(18:20:40) FrostC: i'd say start with 80%
(18:20:42) allie: :cheekling:
(18:20:43) Vankata453: Okay
(18:20:48) RustyBox: good start
(18:20:58) Vankata453: So we make it 80% for now?
(18:21:00) tylerandari12: playtesting is important lol, dont want another "good in concept, not in execution"
(18:21:19) RustyBox: based
(18:21:21) matusguy: yea maybe 80
(18:21:41) tylerandari12: Ok then
(18:21:43) servalot: Power up stacking my beloved
(18:21:44) tylerandari12: Next topic
(18:21:47) Vankata453: QUESTION 3 SUMMARY: Start with requiring 80% tuxdolls, lower it based on player feedback, if needed.
(18:21:47) FrostC: 4)replacing powerupstacking with item pocket
(18:21:50) tylerandari12: YES
(18:21:52) FrostC: its time
(18:21:55) RustyBox: agreed
(18:21:56) tylerandari12: Get that OUTTA HERE
(18:22:01) tylerandari12: Fight me
(18:22:02) PoketMarty04: Wait
(18:22:03) Vankata453: Okay so uh
(18:22:05) PoketMarty04: I was like
(18:22:16) PoketMarty04: Still on the previous one
(18:22:19) matusguy: This is so bad that I had to make a joke in the mastodon
(18:22:27) tylerandari12: SO TRUE
(18:22:27) Vankata453: Powerup stacking at this point fits with none of the flowers (except air, imo, but atp it makes no sense for just that)
(18:22:28) FrostC: okay. i think everyone is well aware with the issues with powerupstacking
(18:22:36) tylerandari12: Yes
(18:22:50) RustyBox: My take, plain and simple, get out of my house, powerup stacking!!
(18:22:55) RustyBox: done
(18:23:00) RustyBox: all i have to say
(18:23:07) allie: me loosing my x64 powerup stack 😭
(18:23:13) tylerandari12: The item pocket allows for item combos, powerup stacking discourages you from getting other powerups.
(18:23:13) matusguy: omg
(18:23:17) matusguy: x64 processor reference
(18:23:17) servalot: I love both options but item swapping gives a lot of variety
(18:23:20) RustyBox: not if you can't have it
(18:23:26) tylerandari12: Exactly
(18:23:28) RustyBox: 🧌
(18:23:32) tylerandari12: You can do more with swapping
(18:23:35) Vankata453: We shousl get a refresher on how the item pocket works
(18:23:36) matusguy: "no not the troll"
(18:23:42) FrostC: it results in spammy gameplay, discourages swapping powerups in levels, and some other minor things
(18:23:43) RustyBox: :trollcan:
(18:23:52) RustyBox: exactly
(18:23:57) RustyBox: it's broken
(18:24:02) RustyBox: and whack
(18:24:03) allie> : me brainlessly rushing forward spamming the fire key
(18:24:05) PoketMarty04: Its also boring
(18:24:05) tylerandari12: Its not good in execution.
(18:24:23) RustyBox: fire flower, more like TF2 heavy
(18:24:24) matusguy: HEAVY MACHINE GUN
(18:24:31) PoketMarty04: Lol
(18:24:43) * mrkubax10 has to leave, continue without me
(18:24:45) FrostC: but, a super mario world type item pocket would encourage swapping powerups, would give more variety, and would make the game a bit easier as it would let players take some extra hits due to having a 2nd powerup to rely on
(18:24:45) tylerandari12: Like sure "but the challenge if keeping your powerups"  but there is no challenge because youre too op.
(18:24:52) mrkubax10 has quit (Quit: leaving)
(18:25:02) FrostC: the the main issue is that this would probably require a new button to drop the powerup.
(18:25:11) RustyBox: i'm open open to whatever as long as stacking go bye bye
(18:25:13) allie: I dont think thats an issue
(18:25:16) tylerandari12: More inputs for me to harness
(18:25:18) FrostC: but i do think this game would benifit from having some more inputs for scripting, which is yea
(18:25:22) Vankata453: So item pocket - you can have two powerups and switch between them?
(18:25:32) Vankata453: On damage you only lose the one equipped?
(18:25:33) tylerandari12: Yeah, one on Gux and one in the pocket.
(18:25:46) tylerandari12: Also question
(18:25:51) FrostC: i would say either that, or the powerup would drop from the pocket onto the stage. mario world style. either is good with me
(18:25:54) tylerandari12: Should it fall or swap immediately?
(18:25:54) PoketMarty04: It's probably more annoying to solve on mobile than anything
(18:26:13) PoketMarty04: Fall is more interesting I'd say
(18:26:17) Vankata453: I don't see why it needs to drop
(18:26:18) PoketMarty04: Bit also swap can work
(18:26:22) Vankata453: Unless for multiplayer
(18:26:24) FrostC: i would say fall, but i would be fine with a swap
(18:26:29) allie: Swapping might be op
(18:26:33) matusguy: how could we forget!!
(18:26:34) FrostC: yeah
(18:26:40) PoketMarty04: It works in sta so idk why it can't work
(18:26:42) tylerandari12: Just have miltiple pockets in the corner
(18:26:47) Vankata453: Actually dropping could be great for multiplayee
(18:26:49) tylerandari12: Like how item stacking used to work
(18:26:50) FrostC: also MULTIPLAYER that gives so many trolling opportunities dude
(18:26:54) tylerandari12: TRUE
(18:26:55) PoketMarty04: Oh right
(18:26:57) PoketMarty04: Real
(18:27:01) tylerandari12: Real
(18:27:02) PoketMarty04: OK guys drop
(18:27:02) Vankata453: Yea I'm for dropping
(18:27:03) FrostC: and it balances the ability i think
(18:27:07) tylerandari12: Yeay
(18:27:09) PoketMarty04: We drop with this one
(18:27:11) allie: Yeah
(18:27:14) FrostC: as theres some risk reward in regards to when you pick it up
(18:27:16) Vankata453: So one pocket always?
(18:27:23) matusguy: i agree with frost
(18:27:24) Vankata453: Otherwise too OP I think
(18:27:33) allie: Yeah 1 only
(18:27:38) PoketMarty04: Also in multilayer?
(18:27:42) PoketMarty04: Player*
(18:27:50) PoketMarty04: Are we sure?
(18:27:53) tylerandari12: 1 in total would be funny
(18:27:56) RustyBox: 1 only in multiplayer would be hillarious
(18:27:57) FrostC: maybe like. 1 per 2 people?
(18:27:58) Vankata453: If you take damage and you have a powerup in the pocket, do you autoswitch?
(18:28:00) RustyBox: i love that idea
(18:28:00) FrostC: so 4 player has 2? but idk
(18:28:02) RustyBox: fight for it
(18:28:03) FrostC: thats complicated
(18:28:08) RustyBox: also lowers risk of too op
(18:28:12) tylerandari12: Yea
(18:28:14) Vankata453: I think each player should have one
(18:28:19) matusguy: i would prefer 1 per player
(18:28:19) allie: noo
(18:28:20) PoketMarty04: Complicated but would he Kind of balanced
(18:28:22) allie: with 4 players
(18:28:27) allie: you are gonna be destroying everything
(18:28:34) tylerandari12: DELICIOUS
(18:28:36) allie: especially with 4 pockets
(18:28:37) PoketMarty04: I mean that's fun
(18:28:46) PoketMarty04: Metal slug proves me on this
(18:28:53) PoketMarty04: Right Marty?
(18:28:54) tylerandari12: IRON LIZARD
(18:28:54) FrostC: i mean. i dont think you go into 4 player expecting a balenced experence. but idk
(18:28:54) matusguy: true...
(18:28:58) Vankata453: Sure, it's 4 people, any level will be significantly easier
(18:29:08) Vankata453: Even without this
(18:29:11) tylerandari12: yeah
(18:29:15) allie: yea and 4 pockets would make it eeveeeen easier
(18:29:16) matusguy: me stealing the heavy machine gun that just spawned for 2p
(18:29:21) tylerandari12: Thats a geberal multiplayer issue lol
(18:29:29) FrostC: i think 1 per 2 players is a good middle ground tbh
(18:29:32) allie: yeah
(18:29:35) PoketMarty04: Yeah
(18:29:37) FrostC: wait
(18:29:42) Vankata453: I just think sharing a pocket between 2 players is pretty weird
(18:29:42) tylerandari12: How do you trigger it tho
(18:29:43) FrostC: but then who controlls the drop?
(18:29:45) allie: πŸ•
(18:29:52) PoketMarty04: Oh
(18:29:55) allie: Oh
(18:29:55) matusguy: does it fall offscreen?
(18:29:56) PoketMarty04: That's a bit of an issue
(18:29:57) Vankata453: And how would you make it so it knows who you share with
(18:30:15) Vankata453: What about one for everyone
(18:30:19) FrostC: yeah
(18:30:36) PoketMarty04: Hi I like caos
(18:30:51) tylerandari12: Same
(18:30:55) Vankata453: Need more opinions
(18:30:56) FrostC: well, maybe instead of 2 item pockets
(18:31:03) FrostC: it's 1 item pocket which can hold 2 items
(18:31:13) tylerandari12: Huh
(18:31:13) PoketMarty04: 1 and an half
(18:31:16) Vankata453: Maybe too OP?
(18:31:29) Vankata453: We might have to nerf that?
(18:31:35) FrostC: i dunno
(18:31:40) FrostC: i say for the time being. just one in total
(18:31:41) tylerandari12: Idk
(18:31:43) PoketMarty04: TBH I think 1 per player is fine as multiplayer is not meant to be a balanced experience to the enemy
(18:31:44) tylerandari12: Yeah
(18:31:52) Vankata453: We can do things and get player feedback still, it's not 1.0
(18:32:00) Vankata453: So as frost said, starting out with one is a way
(18:32:01) tylerandari12: Multiplayer in general osnt balanced lmao
(18:32:15) PoketMarty04: I'd say we can go 1 per player
(18:32:17) PoketMarty04: For fun
(18:32:26) PoketMarty04: And if it's had that gets changed
(18:32:31) PoketMarty04: *bad
(18:32:38) Vankata453: That's probably gonna be too OP too
(18:32:39) allie: I think starting with 1 will be easier as a start and then we work out way up
(18:32:44) FrostC: yeah
(18:32:50) Vankata453: One pocket for everyone will be great chaos and fun I think
(18:32:58) tylerandari12: It would be funny
(18:33:02) allie: Very funi
(18:33:06) FrostC: yes
(18:33:06) PoketMarty04: Can't steal the baby machinegun to Marty then
(18:33:10) PoketMarty04: Hevay*
(18:33:10) FrostC: imagine all the angry children
(18:33:14) PoketMarty04: I can't tyoe
(18:33:22) Vankata453: TRUE
(18:33:35) Vankata453: What does the majority agree with for now
(18:33:43) FrostC: i say single
(18:33:45) matusguy: BABY MACHINEGUN
(18:33:47) PoketMarty04: Idk I say 1 per player
(18:33:59) tylerandari12: I guess it doesnt matter to me
(18:34:03) Vankata453: I am for one globally for everyone
(18:34:05) tylerandari12: We will see in the future
(18:34:09) matusguy: btu wait
(18:34:18) matusguy: does the item fall offscreen like in super mario world?
(18:34:28) tylerandari12: I think
(18:34:35) tylerandari12: Idk if we have to do that tho
(18:34:37) matusguy: damn
(18:34:39) matusguy: thats kinda
(18:34:40) Vankata453: I thought it would fall on the ground so you can pass it to others too
(18:34:42) matusguy: bitchy
(18:34:42) FrostC: i think it should..?
(18:34:43) RustyBox: I like 1 total and 50% of player rounded down for multiplayer
(18:34:50) RustyBox: so like 2 for 4 and 5 player
(18:34:51) tylerandari12: Wjat if it spawns in a ceiling
(18:34:54) RustyBox: 3 or 6 and 7 player
(18:34:54) matusguy: yeah
(18:34:55) RustyBox: and so on
(18:35:01) RustyBox: so 1 and 2 players have only 1
(18:35:02) PoketMarty04: What
(18:35:10) PoketMarty04: How do you control that tho?
(18:35:18) RustyBox: makes it chaoctic andf or strategic
(18:35:22) Vankata453: But everyone can access the pockets?
(18:35:25) RustyBox: everyone can activate it
(18:35:25) Vankata453: Maybe that's better
(18:35:36) RustyBox: and the game checks for how many player are there
(18:35:41) RustyBox: and then just divded it b 2
(18:35:45) RustyBox: *by 2
(18:35:48) PoketMarty04: I like this
(18:35:49) RustyBox: rounding down
(18:35:51) tylerandari12: Amd cast to int :trollcan:
(18:35:56) allie: exactrly
(18:35:58) Vankata453: I like rusty's idea
(18:35:59) RustyBox: so like for 5 players it 2.5, round down to 2
(18:36:03) tylerandari12: Yea
(18:36:03) FrostC: having the powerup pass through the ground means theres no chance of it getting stuck, and it results in a mad dash to get the powerup before it's lost
(18:36:04) Vankata453: I don't like the items falling off screen tho
(18:36:17) RustyBox: i do for the chatocic nature of it
(18:36:18) tylerandari12: How would we handle it tho
(18:36:19) allie: Especially looking at st's collision....
(18:36:21) RustyBox: makes it a challenge to swap
(18:36:24) matusguy: true
(18:36:29) RustyBox: making it harder to just swap back and forth
(18:36:31) Vankata453: Actually maybe it does
(18:36:33) RustyBox: could be considered too op
(18:36:35) Vankata453: I guess it could work too
(18:36:40) matusguy: and it will spawn in the same x coordinate as the player?
(18:36:48) matusguy: where will it spawn
(18:37:01) FrostC: yeah i think so. because basing it off screen size is wayyyyy to inconsistent
(18:37:08) PoketMarty04: Maybe spawned st the x coordinated of where the UI of the poket for each team of players is
(18:37:08) tylerandari12: What if it was in a bubble lmao
(18:37:10) allie: It can start falling from the top of the screen ig or something
(18:37:11) servalot: Erm I have to go now uhhhh
(18:37:17) tylerandari12: And it passed everywhere around the screen
(18:37:19) FrostC: ok buh bye
(18:37:21) allie: mario
(18:37:23) Vankata453: I think it should fall like a tuxdoll
(18:37:25) PoketMarty04: @matusguy
(18:37:29) Vankata453: From the player's head
(18:37:30) tylerandari12: not that fast
(18:37:35) tylerandari12: But i see
(18:37:35) PoketMarty04: They do that?
(18:37:58) matusguy: martin and where is that ui
(18:38:05) tylerandari12: Uhh
(18:38:11) tylerandari12: On another window
(18:38:12) tylerandari12: Trust
(18:38:15) FrostC: id say it should fall at a consistent speed
(18:38:15) allie: uuuuuuuuuuuuh
(18:38:19) FrostC: but thats not too bad of an idea
(18:38:19) allie: in the center of the screen at the top
(18:38:20) PoketMarty04: Top of screen?
(18:38:26) PoketMarty04: Side by side
(18:38:33) PoketMarty04: Like super bomberman
(18:38:39) matusguy: Oh god
(18:38:41) Vankata453: Why not from the player itself, so in multiplayer the other player tries to catch it
(18:38:42) tylerandari12: SO TRUE
(18:38:44) matusguy: Idk man
(18:38:56) allie: Wdym from the player
(18:38:57) tylerandari12: I thought we were talking about the ui pos
(18:39:00) allie: wouldnt the player instantly get it then
(18:39:12) Vankata453: It can go  upward first
(18:39:30) Vankata453: About UI pos, I think top-right or left are food
(18:39:30) allie: oh so it bounces from the player?
(18:39:35) tylerandari12: FOOD
(18:39:36) Vankata453: Yea
(18:39:43) allie: i meann
(18:39:43) matusguy: food?
(18:39:43) matusguy: what
(18:39:48) Vankata453: Good
(18:39:48) tylerandari12: DELICIOUS
(18:39:48) allie: can work
(18:39:59) tylerandari12: Yea
(18:40:03) PoketMarty04: What if it has zero collisions and just scrolls down the screen from the top to bottom?
(18:40:16) tylerandari12: Mario World
(18:40:17) allie: Okay so: - bounces from the player - no collision
(18:40:26) PoketMarty04: Or maybe does a feather like movement
(18:40:28) Vankata453: I like this
(18:40:33) Vankata453: Bouncing from player
(18:40:37) FrostC: it should still be a consistent speed though
(18:40:40) allie: ofc
(18:40:42) PoketMarty04: Man I never played Mario World lmao
(18:40:42) tylerandari12: Yea
(18:40:44) Vankata453: Yea
(18:40:47) allie: Yea
(18:40:49) tylerandari12: Yea
(18:40:54) matusguy: yes it should be const speed
(18:41:15) allie: this is what i call peak
(18:41:18) tylerandari12: Same
(18:41:23) Vankata453: Yea
(18:41:28) PoketMarty04: So it's decided?
(18:41:31) allie: Ye
(18:41:31) tylerandari12: Multiplayer but actually good
(18:41:33) PoketMarty04: Rusty what do you say
(18:41:40) Vankata453: What do we have now
(18:41:47) RustyBox: about what?
(18:41:52) tylerandari12: about yes
(18:41:57) PoketMarty04: Idk you didn't agree or disagree
(18:42:04) RustyBox: with what?
(18:42:10) RustyBox: the movement?
(18:42:15) Vankata453: This
(18:42:19) RustyBox: oh
(18:42:20) RustyBox: hold on
(18:42:22) Vankata453: UI on the top-left I guess?
(18:42:23) tylerandari12: `self`
(18:42:25) RustyBox: sure
(18:42:27) RustyBox: Tux doll style
(18:42:31) RustyBox: current one
(18:42:32) RustyBox: that is
(18:42:35) tylerandari12: An
(18:42:36) FrostC: ...and consistent speed
(18:42:40) matusguy: yes
(18:42:41) PoketMarty04: Maybe that's too fast
(18:42:41) FrostC: :snowsmiley:
(18:42:46) RustyBox: why not. lots of empty space
(18:42:48) tylerandari12: :snowsmiley:
(18:43:07) Vankata453: I will do a summary What we have for now
(18:44:02) FrostC: k
(18:44:08) tylerandari12: k
(18:44:45) Vankata453: Replace item swapping with item pockets. Each pocket could store 1 powerup. In multiplayer, divinding the players by two results in the amount of pockets to be available.  On item selection, the pocket drops the powerup tuxdoll style: * bounces from the player * no collision  The item pockets UI is on the top-left.
(18:44:45) PoketMarty04: I wish we had these kind of meetings in stk
(18:44:52) Vankata453: Is this correct?
(18:45:07) RustyBox: sounds good
(18:45:16) PoketMarty04: Sound about right
(18:45:19) allie: sounds good
(18:45:29) tylerandari12: sure
(18:45:34) Vankata453: Is this question 4
(18:45:45) tylerandari12: Idk what question this is
(18:45:50) matusguy: yea
(18:45:51) tylerandari12: I only know them by name lol
(18:45:51) FrostC: i say it should be a bit slower then a tux doll
(18:45:57) matusguy: it should be slower yes
(18:45:59) allie: πŸ₯€
(18:46:02) tylerandari12: Yea
(18:46:05) tylerandari12: :hole:
(18:46:05) FrostC: also if this question is over
(18:46:06) FrostC: MARTY
(18:46:08) FrostC: CODERS!!!!
(18:46:12) matusguy: CODERS!!!!!
(18:46:12) tylerandari12: TRUE
(18:46:12) FrostC: MASTADON! ! !!
(18:46:14) matusguy: CODERS!!!
(18:46:17) tylerandari12: MASTODON
(18:46:19) tylerandari12: *
(18:46:20) allie: c o d  er s
(18:46:23) allie: yum~!
(18:46:24) Vankata453: QUESTION 4 SUMMARY: Replace item swapping with item pockets. Each pocket could store 1 powerup. In multiplayer, divinding the players by two results in the amount of pockets to be available.  On item selection, the pocket drops the powerup tuxdoll style: * bounces from the player * no collision * falls slower than a tuxdoll  The item pockets UI is on the top-left.
(18:46:28) tylerandari12: Yea yea
(18:46:30) tylerandari12: Anyway
(18:46:34) tylerandari12: CODERS FROM MASTODON
(18:46:49) Vankata453: What is 5 quesrion
(18:46:53) FrostC: idek what im gonna say about this topic
(18:47:04) PoketMarty04: Mastodon propaganda?
(18:47:17) tylerandari12: Yes
(18:47:19) Vankata453: What is it
(18:47:22) FrostC: marty i guess this is just time to pitch the mastadon coder idea
(18:47:28) tylerandari12: I think the next one is Marty recruiting people from Mastodon to code.
(18:47:42) Vankata453: 5. Should we invite over coders from Mastodon?
(18:47:48) matusguy: I don't know how to pitch to our followers that we need more coders
(18:47:53) Vankata453: I say sure, always open to new contributors
(18:47:53) tylerandari12: ...thats what i saod
(18:47:53) matusguy: Thats what i wanna discuss
(18:47:56) tylerandari12: Lol
(18:48:00) PoketMarty04: With brainrot
(18:48:03) PoketMarty04: No dont
(18:48:03) tylerandari12: YES
(18:48:07) tylerandari12: SKIBIDI TUX
(18:48:09) Vankata453: By just saying that coders are welcome
(18:48:18) Vankata453: We use C++, have an engine
(18:48:24) PoketMarty04: I mean you can do some posts promoting the game saying that we need fevs
(18:48:30) allie: help with collisions and opengl πŸ™
(18:48:31) PoketMarty04: Coders
(18:48:39) Vankata453: Yes
(18:48:52) tylerandari12: Probably an issue for the future but dont other projects have finctions in their cpurce documented?
(18:49:05) matusguy: We definetly need this... Vankata is busy, I am going insane, Daniel is kinda inactive, and the rest kinda doesn't care
(18:49:08) Vankata453: We have some documented, some not
(18:49:11) matusguy: I'll brb
(18:49:14) tylerandari12: I cant do much
(18:49:33) Vankata453: So we say do this then?
(18:49:39) tylerandari12: Sure
(18:50:17) tylerandari12: Me trying to get 2 reviews on my PR:
(18:50:21) tylerandari12: (How)
(18:50:44) allie: TRUE
(18:51:38) tylerandari12: Also
(18:51:46) matusguy: back
(18:51:53) tylerandari12: That the pocket builds Marty made
(18:51:58) Vankata453: Put a post on Mastodon saying that coders are welcome and also include other details, like programming language, engine and important issues, in case some knowledgeable comes across?
(18:51:58) matusguy: But it's not just "we do this"
(18:52:02) tylerandari12: Wondows users have no excuse to npt test
(18:52:25) tylerandari12: What else is there?
(18:52:32) matusguy: We need to plan the message, and list the issues that we introduce to the coders that do want to participate
(18:52:41) tylerandari12: The good first issues
(18:52:49) tylerandari12: (They arent good first issues)
(18:52:59) matusguy: Problem is... Most of them are not that good first issues
(18:53:07) Vankata453: OpenGL, collision, github issue tracker
(18:53:20) Vankata453: Yea they aren't, someone needs to invest effort
(18:53:54) matusguy: github issue tracker?
(18:53:56) matusguy: i can do that
(18:54:08) matusguy: Opengl we can offer aswell
(18:54:15) matusguy: And we should especially mention collision
(18:54:21) Vankata453: Idk what else such message needs
(18:54:24) tylerandari12: add php server to log every single stacktrace on saod server :trollcan:
(18:54:32) tylerandari12: (Dont plz)
(18:54:32) matusguy: shut up
(18:54:37) Vankata453: If someone is interested I'm pretty sure they should reach out
(18:54:42) Vankata453: Definitely put the invite to the server
(18:54:59) Vankata453: Actually make a different one so we can see who has joined from that
(18:55:10) tylerandari12: True
(18:55:14) tylerandari12: The mastodon link
(18:55:16) PoketMarty04: Mastadon already did a miracle once so there is hope
(18:55:23) tylerandari12: Thisnisbtrue
(18:55:26) tylerandari12: bbbbb
(18:55:30) allie: we really need opengl people
(18:55:30) matusguy: bbbbb
(18:55:35) tylerandari12: I cant type lol
(18:55:37) allie: the opengl society
(18:55:44) Vankata453: Lma9
(18:55:47) tylerandari12: Lma9
(18:56:17) FrostC: also while you guys are talking about this im working on my argument for the next question  : VVV
(18:56:24) tylerandari12: Oh no
(18:56:32) PoketMarty04: What's the next question?
(18:56:35) Vankata453: Put a post on Mastodon saying that coders are welcome and also include other details, like programming language, engine and important issues (opengl, collision, link to github issue tracker) and a link to the Discord, in case some knowledgeable comes across?
(18:56:42) FrostC: item shop
(18:56:46) Vankata453: Wait
(18:56:48) tylerandari12: item slop
(18:56:51) Vankata453: This one is not over
(18:56:57) tylerandari12: Why not lol
(18:57:06) Vankata453: Does Marty agree
(18:57:11) tylerandari12: mart
(18:57:13) tylerandari12: Do you agree
(18:57:26) FrostC: @matusguy agree now
(18:57:31) tylerandari12: Bevause its apparently not obvious that you agree
(18:57:33) matusguy: Yeah
(18:57:36) tylerandari12: great
(18:57:37) matusguy: Thats great
(18:57:50) tylerandari12: thats thats great
(18:58:06) Vankata453: Moment
(18:58:07) PoketMarty04: So it's item shop time?
(18:58:21) tylerandari12: Item ship
(18:58:23) Vankata453: QUESTION 5 SUMMARY: Put a post on Mastodon saying that coders are welcome and also include other details, like programming language, engine and important issues (opengl, collision, link to github issue tracker) and a link to the Discord, in case some knowledgeable comes across.
(18:58:27) tylerandari12: Yea
(18:58:38) Vankata453: 6. Should we introduce an item shop to the game?
(18:58:40) PoketMarty04: Even better
(18:58:48) tylerandari12: I cant wait for everyone to conpalin about our code lol
(18:58:52) Vankata453: How many more are left after this?
(18:58:54) tylerandari12: Anyway itepm shop
(18:58:55) PoketMarty04: Ship comes in for trading
(18:59:05) FrostC: time to copy and paste
(18:59:07) FrostC: hold on
(18:59:09) PoketMarty04: Oh no
(18:59:16) FrostC: also. for the powerup shop. i think it would be good to give coins a reason to exist for players who aren't completionists. i detailed the plans in a ask the team post, but for the simple rundown, powerups could be purchased from a shop, either through the pause menu or by pressing the item pocket button on the worldmap. it would let you purchase some items for coins, probably like 75 coins for the egg, 200 for flowers, 1250 for a star. this shop would be the only way to get a star in the item pocket. i think this would be helpful for new players, and it would be convicent for players who don't want to replay a level to get a powerup. and also don't want to cheat lol.
(18:59:23) Vankata453: I don't think shops are really needed, especially with the lack of global coins
(18:59:23) FrostC: if the player has no powerup, the player will just get the powerup you purchase. if you already have one, it will be placed in the item pocket. if you have a full item pocket, you choose weither you want the item in the pocket or on tux. the star always goes in the pocket
(18:59:34) tylerandari12: The global cpins are still there lol
(18:59:41) FrostC: yeah
(18:59:54) tylerandari12: Luckily for us we still have it
(19:00:26) FrostC: i think this just gives casual players to collect coins, and gives bad players a lifeline with stuff like the star
(19:00:34) RustyBox: i think the shop is unnecessary
(19:00:36) matusguy: HE SAID IT
(19:00:36) tylerandari12: HE SAID IT
(19:00:38) tylerandari12: HE SAID IT
(19:00:39) FrostC: grumbel
(19:00:40) Vankata453: REAL
(19:00:46) RustyBox: this game was never build around it so forcing one in idk if that works
(19:01:23) RustyBox: like imo it doesn't even add anything big
(19:01:41) tylerandari12: I think it would work better with the item pocket, but i dont think its necessary
(19:01:48) FrostC: i mean i think it only adds
(19:01:50) PoketMarty04: With the item poket it would add something kinda
(19:01:51) tylerandari12: Im not against it, but i wont fight for it
(19:01:56) PoketMarty04: Wiht the star
(19:01:59) FrostC: and it fully changes how you interact with coins
(19:01:59) tylerandari12: Yea
(19:02:15) FrostC: its like with lives, minus the sucking
(19:02:17) matusguy: item poketmarty
(19:02:21) PoketMarty04: It gives a purpose to coins at least
(19:02:37) PoketMarty04: Even if minimal
(19:02:40) FrostC: it gives you a reason to go out of your way to get coins
(19:02:43) Vankata453: I guess it could be good
(19:02:46) FrostC: that arent 100% completion
(19:02:50) Vankata453: But I'm also fine with getting rid of global coins
(19:03:11) FrostC: and for players who are bad, it gives a lifeline. like oh, hard section? buy a star, and use it there
(19:03:32) Vankata453: Ghost mode for 10 seconds
(19:03:36) PoketMarty04: I'm OK with this tbh
(19:03:39) FrostC: :arkansasrailroaddepot:
(19:03:42) tylerandari12: GUH
(19:03:45) matusguy: bruh
(19:03:50) PoketMarty04: Not necessary but it's ok
(19:03:51) RustyBox: i just think it doesn't provide neither benefit nor anything of interest
(19:03:54) Vankata453: It's a joke
(19:03:56) tylerandari12: I agree with martin
(19:04:03) RustyBox: it kust exists to make people stop whining
(19:04:03) tylerandari12: Also i could tell
(19:04:11) Vankata453: I'm okay with this idea too
(19:04:25) Vankata453: Only benefit is use for the coins
(19:04:30) PoketMarty04: Also orange later look on ds
(19:04:39) RustyBox: yeah but we were moving away from that anyway
(19:04:54) RustyBox: the shop doesn't do anythig of substance
(19:04:54) Vankata453: Question is should we move from that or go with shop
(19:04:57) RustyBox: other than, hey item
(19:04:58) RustyBox: nice
(19:05:09) tylerandari12: I wonder if it should be a post 0.7 thing
(19:05:10) FrostC: benifits; -gives a reason to collect coins casually  -makes getting a powerup before a level more coinvent  -gives a lifeline to new players
(19:05:16) tylerandari12: Like its not a priority for 0.7 to release
(19:05:30) RustyBox: that's out of the question
(19:05:55) Vankata453: We just gotta know whether to remove global coins for 0.7
(19:06:05) FrostC: uh idk i say no
(19:06:13) tylerandari12: Id say hide them at worse
(19:06:13) RustyBox: but levels are designed to be much more easier, especially at the start
(19:06:23) RustyBox: items are giving after each spawn/checkpint anyway
(19:06:28) RustyBox: so you don't miss out on items
(19:06:48) FrostC: yeah but if you want a diffrent powerup that a level doesn't give, you can just. buy them before
(19:06:56) PoketMarty04: Worst case scanatio I won't use the shop
(19:07:01) tylerandari12: Also we should remove coins lost from checkpoints lol
(19:07:06) FrostC: true
(19:07:09) Vankata453: Ya
(19:07:14) Vankata453: That's for sure
(19:07:16) tylerandari12: Either lost coins every time for not at all
(19:08:02) Vankata453: I'm neutral on the shop atp
(19:08:07) tylerandari12: Same
(19:08:07) Vankata453: Also are there questions after this one
(19:08:09) RustyBox: i'm 20 80
(19:08:15) RustyBox: 20 pos, 80 neg
(19:08:55) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): HI GUYS I AM HERE FINALLY
(19:08:57) PoketMarty04: 70 pos 30neg for me
(19:08:58) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): SORRY
(19:08:59) FrostC: daniel
(19:09:00) PoketMarty04: Oh hello
(19:09:00) tylerandari12: HELLO
(19:09:05) Vankata453: Hi
(19:09:11) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): my mom turned off the internet all night and morning. i've been up since 6 but no internet til now
(19:09:18) FrostC: br uh
(19:09:18) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): SORRY FOR BEING LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(19:09:21) matusguy: WHAT THE FUCK
(19:09:27) tylerandari12: Better late than never
(19:09:27) matusguy: OK!!
(19:09:29) matusguy: yeah
(19:09:30) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): ok im in the meeting now!!!
(19:09:43) Vankata453: It's almost over I think
(19:09:58) PoketMarty04: We now were discussing the item shop
(19:10:08) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): i agree with most of the stuff that was decided anyway
(19:10:09) PoketMarty04: And a coins as well
(19:10:27) tylerandari12: Yay
(19:10:27) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): like christmas release, sdl, item swapping whatever that's all + from me
(19:10:36) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): the shop however....
(19:10:37) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): idk
(19:10:46) allie: the shop is just weird
(19:10:48) Vankata453: The shop is puzzling us
(19:10:52) PoketMarty04: Shop or not to shop
(19:11:04) tylerandari12: like or removal for shop
(19:11:37) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): I think a shop would be nice, if it added some benefits
(19:11:40) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): or like
(19:11:42) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): unique features
(19:11:55) FrostC: star in item pocket
(19:12:06) RustyBox: one, that's it
(19:12:14) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): like if we added like a new flower for the shops only I would mayyybe be on board???
(19:12:20) FrostC: yeah but like no lol
(19:12:21) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): other than that, idk if the shop is a great idea
(19:12:28) FrostC: benifits; -gives a reason to collect coins casually  -makes getting a powerup before a level more coinvent  -gives a lifeline to new players
(19:12:33) FrostC: copy and paste for benifits
(19:12:53) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): ya i figured
(19:12:54) RustyBox: there are no  areas that are fully rleiant on stars
(19:12:55) FrostC: i mean that sounds like a lot of effort to make a wholly new powerup
(19:12:57) RustyBox: or benefit from it
(19:13:06) tylerandari12: I mean how bad are the players lol
(19:13:07) RustyBox: most enemy placements are relatively mild
(19:13:09) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): the bonus dias in the corner:
(19:13:14) RustyBox: and those areas with more ususally have a star
(19:13:16) RustyBox: close by anyway
(19:13:21) tylerandari12: Waaaah i cant beat a fork in the road i need star waaaah
(19:13:24) RustyBox: but itzhas them on mass
(19:13:32) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): true
(19:13:37) FrostC: i mean. for later levels
(19:13:40) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): ok i know i literally just got here but i gtg for a bit now
(19:13:44) FrostC: i can see people h aving a hard time
(19:13:45) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): sorry!!!!
(19:13:46) tylerandari12: So sad
(19:13:47) FrostC: also bye daniel
(19:13:47) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): i may be back
(19:13:56) matusguy: alrightie!
(19:13:59) RustyBox: well, you learn as you go
(19:14:04) RustyBox: ideally you get better
(19:14:04) matusguy: Bro has to toil away on the fields
(19:14:10) tylerandari12: SP TRUE
(19:14:14) RustyBox: so you don't relay on it
(19:14:19) RustyBox: *rely
(19:14:20) tylerandari12: TRUE
(19:14:25) RustyBox: typing sucks ass
(19:14:29) RustyBox: dglbjspdrvnrbgrtzirkbhrz :trollcan:
(19:14:32) RustyBox: anyway
(19:14:34) FrostC: orang yum
(19:14:36) tylerandari12: _ _
(19:14:46) tylerandari12: WHYBWOULDVYOUBSAYBTGAT
(19:15:04) Vankata453: Idk if there are any other quesriond
(19:15:11) tylerandari12: I have one
(19:15:23) PoketMarty04: The debate
(19:15:26) FrostC: okay so it kinda just seems that everyone is neutral
(19:15:28) Vankata453: I'm thinking of leaving now cause this has been going on for a long time
(19:15:33) FrostC: with me being in favor
(19:15:37) FrostC: and rusty being against
(19:15:43) tylerandari12: EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY
(19:15:43) FrostC: so its at a deadlock or whatever
(19:15:45) tylerandari12: FROST
(19:15:46) tylerandari12: VS
(19:15:48) tylerandari12: RUSTYBOX
(19:15:49) FrostC: so maybe save this topic for some future point
(19:15:53) Vankata453: Neutral would mean we discuss another time?
(19:15:54) matusguy: maybe
(19:15:55) FrostC: when people have had more time to think about it
(19:15:56) FrostC: yeah
(19:15:58) tylerandari12: I guess so
(19:16:01) RustyBox: sure
(19:16:06) RustyBox: considering this is likely post 0.7 anyway
(19:16:10) FrostC: yeah
(19:16:14) PoketMarty04: the jury says POSTPONED
(19:16:16) Vankata453: QUESTION 6 SUMMARY: Most are neutral, to be discussed further another time.
(19:16:25) tylerandari12: Anyway i have a topic, lemme type
(19:16:30) matusguy: go on
(19:16:31) tylerandari12: What if
(19:16:32) Vankata453: We just need to know whether to keep global coins
(19:16:37) tylerandari12: Bruh
(19:16:41) tylerandari12: Hide them for now ido
(19:16:43) tylerandari12: idk
(19:16:48) FrostC: i think this should be like a 0.9 feature
(19:16:51) FrostC: (shopee)
(19:16:56) RustyBox: banger
(19:16:56) matusguy: SHOPEE
(19:17:13) tylerandari12: Heck, disable it and well remove it or enable it wjen the time comes
(19:17:21) FrostC: true
(19:17:24) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): I say yea but idk
(19:17:32) RustyBox: ye
(19:17:34) tylerandari12: I thought you left lol
(19:17:41) Vankata453: I will leave now
(19:17:46) tylerandari12: Ok
(19:17:46) RustyBox: a spy!
(19:17:49) allie: 🐦
(19:17:51) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): Just for a brief moment
(19:17:55) RustyBox:
(19:18:07) FrostC: conclusion - talk about it later for 0.9
(19:18:15) RustyBox: :NODDERS:
(19:18:22) matusguy: ORANGE SAY IT
(19:18:27) FrostC: orange say the thing
(19:18:28) PoketMarty04: You have been deemed
(19:18:29) tylerandari12: Say the line bart
(19:18:31) tylerandari12: Ok so
(19:18:32) PoketMarty04: Postponed
(19:18:38) allie: Postponed
(19:18:46) tylerandari12: Bruh
(19:18:59) tylerandari12: Anyway
(19:19:03) PoketMarty04: Was that it?
(19:19:04) tylerandari12: Moderator role
(19:19:08) RustyBox: sure
(19:19:08) tylerandari12: Hear me out
(19:19:09) PoketMarty04: Ohh
(19:19:53) RustyBox:
(19:19:57) tylerandari12: There are people here that would make good discord mods, but dont contribute enough to be on the team.
(19:20:07) matusguy: i agree
(19:20:09) matusguy: FUN FACT
(19:20:09) RustyBox: fair point
(19:20:15) matusguy: we already have a discord mod role
(19:20:25) RustyBox: 2
(19:20:26) matusguy: what's that? we have two?
(19:20:29) RustyBox: for some reason
(19:20:32) tylerandari12: Also we have Basically 0 American mods meaning theres just a dead period where people can just do what they want.
(19:20:38) FrostC: me waiting for the only european mod team to wake up to ban some dude
(19:20:44) tylerandari12: EXACTLY
(19:20:49) tylerandari12: In have THIS HAPPENED BEFORE
(19:20:52) FrostC: :ghoul:
(19:20:56) matusguy: yeaah lmao
(19:21:18) matusguy: So who should be mod? orange and frost?
(19:21:37) FrostC: yeah. someone spammed the N word and we just had to wait
(19:21:38) PoketMarty04: πŸ‘€
(19:21:39) PoketMarty04: Jk
(19:21:45) FrostC: hi
(19:21:45) RustyBox: lmao
(19:21:55) matusguy: the nuclear word
(19:21:55) tylerandari12: There was a dude who spammed the n word in general and we had to wait for a European mod to wake up.
(19:22:07) tylerandari12: Having American mods cpuld prevent thay
(19:22:25) tylerandari12: Even if its just timeouts.
(19:23:07) FrostC: yeah. id say at least message deletion, message log veiwing, and muting would be nice
(19:23:18) FrostC: + timeouts
(19:23:22) tylerandari12: Yes
(19:23:27) tylerandari12: No banning necessary
(19:23:34) FrostC: not full admin perms ofc
(19:23:42) tylerandari12: But just some goons to patrol while the team sleeps
(19:23:49) matusguy: GOONS
(19:23:58) tylerandari12: We will goon while they slee0
(19:24:02) matusguy: WHY DID YOU PICK THAT WORD
(19:24:07) tylerandari12: Yes
(19:24:12) FrostC: bro
(19:24:21) tylerandari12: Now you might be asking
(19:24:30) tylerandari12: "Who would we promote to mod?"
(19:24:31) PoketMarty04: Lol
(19:24:31) tylerandari12: Well
(19:24:34) tylerandari12: Frost
(19:24:35) tylerandari12: Golem
(19:24:37) tylerandari12: Oranhe
(19:24:44) FrostC: bais
(19:24:46) tylerandari12: Other Tux the builders would make good mods
(19:24:48) FrostC: :cheekling:
(19:24:52) Daniel (WeLuvGoatz): Yea frost + orange would be good and golem too perhaps
(19:25:11) PoketMarty04: Team america
(19:25:14) tylerandari12: Yes
(19:25:23) PoketMarty04: To save the forsaken time zone
(19:25:29) tylerandari12: Yes
(19:25:46) PoketMarty04: I think it's reasonable
(19:29:35) RustyBox: made one
(19:29:42) RustyBox: gonna test it on frost
(19:31:56) tylerandari12: guinea pig
(19:32:07) matusguy: sooo whos excited for bomberman after this
(19:32:11) matusguy: but i have one more topic
(19:32:13) FrostC: true
(19:32:17) FrostC: guys im red
(19:32:21) PoketMarty04: I can't : (
(19:32:29) tylerandari12: Blood
(19:32:44) PoketMarty04: Oh my god he is red
(19:38:18) tylerandari12: Dead meeting
(19:38:24) tylerandari12: Everyones talking in vc
(19:38:35) FrostC: im corrupted πŸ’°
(19:39:39) FrostC: i think this meeting is unoffically over
(19:39:44) allie: ye
(19:39:45) FrostC: unless theres something else people want to say
(19:39:49) tylerandari12: Uhh
(19:39:55) tylerandari12: Now we screw around
(19:41:35) matusguy: its an intermission rn
(19:42:00) tylerandari12: if thats the case ima use the bathroom
(19:42:20) Vankata453: New mod role?
(19:42:22) Vankata453: Huh
(19:42:30) tylerandari12: Read above
(19:42:34) tylerandari12: I gave my reasoning
(19:42:47) Vankata453: Only frost?
(19:43:01) tylerandari12: No
(19:43:03) tylerandari12: Me and frost
(19:43:09) Vankata453: Ah yeah
(19:43:19) tylerandari12: And we should also put Golem when we get the chance to ask him
(19:44:10) Vankata453: Rusty is also a mod lol
(19:44:18) tylerandari12: I mean look at the name
(19:44:21) tylerandari12: Its so peak
(19:50:11) tylerandari12 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
(19:52:01) matusguy: intermission over
(19:52:07) RustyBox: i just liked the role name too much πŸ˜›
(19:52:07) tylerandari12 has joined #supertux
(19:52:12) tylerandari12: Yea
(19:52:13) matusguy: 7) how should the lightning setting be configurable
(19:52:44) Vankata453: Fair
(19:52:55) RustyBox: i like how allie does it
(19:52:58) Vankata453: Actually I want it too
(19:53:01) tylerandari12: "How shoukd tbis be done" "yes"
(19:53:35) Vankata453: Is the meeting still going
(19:53:51) RustyBox: idk
(19:53:52) tylerandari12: Were trying to think of things lol
(19:53:52) RustyBox: appearently
(19:54:06) matusguy: so allie made a slider for the opacity of the flash
(19:54:16) matusguy: what should we call the setting btw
(19:55:19) tylerandari12: we should call it
(19:55:20) matusguy: i suggest "flash intensity"
(19:55:20) tylerandari12: peak
(19:55:24) matusguy: PEAK
(19:55:27) allie: sure ill change it to taht
(19:55:30) matusguy: yea
(19:55:43) tylerandari12: Something along the lines of flash intensity
(19:55:53) mrkubax10 has joined #supertux
(19:56:05) tylerandari12: ChanServ
(19:56:07) tylerandari12: alot
(19:56:09) matusguy: Alright i think this is it
(19:56:15) tylerandari12: Yea
(19:56:18) matusguy: dont forget to like and subscribe
(19:56:23) tylerandari12: amd ring the bell
(19:56:24) matusguy: and hit. that. bell.
(19:56:31) tylerandari12: Anyway time to play bomberman
(19:56:35) * matusguy is no longer logging
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