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Superalgos Improvement Proposals (SIPs)

This repository holds the history of improvement proposals, both software related and non-software related, covering every single aspect of the project that may be discussed and improved.


Proposals shall be listed at the root of this repository.


Please follow these simple guidelines:

1. Scan previous proposals.

Before crafting your own proposal, make sure the topic is not being discussed on other proposals.

2. Submit a Proposal.

Submit your proposal on an .md file via PR.

Reading a few existing proposals may help you organize and format your own. The more thorough and clear the proposal, the more likely it is to be taken seriously by the community. No need to rush; take your time and try to be as clear as possible.

3. Discussion

The maintainers of this repository will merge or reject your PR. Rejections should come with a specific request relating to your submission (e.g. please improve this or that).

After your proposal is merged, the maintainers shall assign a corresponding SIP and create an issue with the same number to host the discussion of the SIP.

4. Suggest Changes

Feel free to submit PRs with proposed changes to the author's fork. Convince him/her to merge it and re-submit it here.

5. Voting

Voting procedures are being discussed on SIP 004 - PGP + git voting and its corresponding issue.

6. Further discussion

If you are not successful with your SIP, you may iterate, improve it and continue promoting it for further discussion. Chances are you might get it approved once it resolves controversial aspects.

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