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For the sake of clarity, the following definitions are to be considered an integral part of the following documents: Constitution, ALGO Macroeconomic Guidance, ALGO Governance Charter.

Algorithms: Refers to Trading algorithms; pieces of software automating trading strategies.

ALGO Ecosystem: The ALGO Ecosystem is the network of economic relationships embodied by the activities of stakeholders of the Superalgos Project participating in a joint business. The main purpose of the ecosystem is to enable a decentralized, self-sustainable and self-regulating economic environment by which all participants are exposed to business opportunities and through which the profits obtained through the ecosystem's output as a joint enterprise are systematically distributed and channeled to participants according to their individual contributions. The ALGO Token is the medium of payment within the ecosystem.

ALGO Governance Charter: The instrument that shall govern the issuance of ALGO Tokens.

Algo-Makers: A subset of the Community counting professional and amateur traders, developers and analysts, organized in Teams, tasked with creating, developing, maintaining and promoting the evolution of financial beings.

ALGO Stream: A concept that represents a flow of ALGO Tokens over time and the mechanism by which incentives are routed to stakeholders such as Team Members.

ALGO Stream Supervisor: A Superalgos Organization official tasked with supervising the validity of ALGO Streams.

Area of Responsibility: It is a defined scope of work within a domain. Sometimes an area of responsibility may map with a role, such as in Marketing Direction; other times it may map with an asset, such as Project Website; or with an undefined number of assets of a certain type, for instance, Pitch Decks.

Asset Management Services: Asset Managers are companies or individuals and their services may vary in terms of sophistication according to the size of capitals they manage, usually involving investment advice and management.

Bundled-Volume Discounts: Exchanges charge Transaction Fees on every trade, and usually offer discounts to clients trading substantial volumes. The agreement with Exchanges provisions for all of the volume originating at federated nodes to be bundled and computed for additional discounts on top of the discounts each Exchange grants to individual accounts within the said Exchange. Bundled-Volume Discounts are automatically distributed back to Node Operators of federated nodes on a pro-rata basis of the volume contributed to the bundle. Node Operators may choose to pass on the benefit to the users of the node, as a means to promote the use of the said node.

Community: The collaboration of a heterogeneous group participating in the Superalgos Project.

Competitions: Refers to trading competitions; events in which Algorithms and human traders compete to determine the top performers under certain rules.

Competition Prizes: Competitions may award prizes to incentivize participation.

Competition Tickets: Competitions may require participants to pay an Entry Ticket, that is, a fee paid to access the service and be eligible to win Competition Prizes.

Core Team: A growing group of founders tasked with leading the Superalgos Project forwards during early stages, whose members are referred to as “Core Team Members”.

Data Services: Participants of the ALGO Ecosystem may offer datasets to be consumed by other participants, including but not limited to sentiment data from various origins, trades and volume data extracted from Exchanges or other external sources, or processed data in the form of indicators; these are all referred to as Data Services.

Distributions: A collection of software components including software released, built, assembled and configured so that it can essentially be used "as is".

Domain: Team Members work in specific domains, such as Business, Marketing, Management or Software Development.

Exchanges: While Competitions, Algorithms and the Marketplace run on the Superalgos Network, the actual trading occurs directly at Digital Assets / Crypto Exchanges.

Governing Body: The group of entities governing the ALGO Token, as defined by the ALGO Governance Charter.

Micro Exchange Offering: The Superalgos Project aims to distribute ALGO Tokens to the public by means of rolling micro public offerings through a network of partner Exchanges. Offerings shall happen as each Exchange is on-boarded to start its own Competitions. Each Exchange shall sell a number of ALGO tokens to its own clients. This distribution strategy intends to serve Exchange’s clients as they start using the Superalgos Platform, satisfying the organic demand for the ALGO token to access Superalgos Platform services.

Node Operators: People or legal persons running / hosting Superalgos Nodes.

Official Competitions: Refers to trading competitions sanctioned and audited by the Superalgos Project, awarding reputation to participants according to their position in the rankings.

Social Contract: The agreement between the stakeholders of the Superalgos Project and the Governing Body (to be defined by the ALGO Governance Charter) by which all stakeholders agree to abide by certain rules designed to protect the interests of all stakeholders.

Superalgos Network: A P2P Network consisting of Superalgos Nodes running both part of the Superalgos Platform and Algorithms.

Superalgos Node: A software package containing the Superalgos Platform freely available for deployment on any server / computer.

Superalgos Organization: A not-for-profit organisation, with the main purpose to promote the Superalgos Project, as mandated by the Superalgos Constitution.

Superalgos Platform: The collection of software and tech-infrastructure that enables the hosting of Competitions and the Marketplace [see definition below], developed by the Superalgos Project which runs distributed on independent instances referred to as Superalgos Nodes in the Superalgos Network.

Superalgos Project: Also referred to as “the project”, is an open community together with its body of work, implementing a framework to enable a superior trading intelligence evolving within an open global collaboration of humans and machines, at the service of all people.

Team Members: People or companies working with the project assuming responsibility over a specific area of work.

Trading Intelligence Marketplace: Also referred to as the “Marketplace”,will be a subset of the Superalgos Platform running on the Superalgos Network enabling users to hire trading intelligence in the form of Data Services, Trading Services and Asset Management Services.

Trading Services: Participants of the ALGO Ecosystem may offer automated trading services or automated signals services generated by algorithms or various methods of data analysis, in the form of subscriptions or any other means of commerce; these are all referred to as Trading Services.

Transaction Fees: The Superalgos Network drives trading volume on which the Exchange charges fees.

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