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Welcome to the Superalgos Platform User Manual

The Superalgos Platform provides a visual environment for developing, testing and automating crypto-trading strategies.

The platform's vocation is to become the most comprehensive data processing and trading automation system available to all traders, data scientists, analysts and crypto holders.

The platform allows designing and automating a wide variety of strategies, as well as augmenting your intelligence by handling and creating your own datasets, with great flexibility.

This is not a simple plug-and-play bot. However, we try our best to make light use of the platform as easy as possible, for instance, for loading existing strategies and trading live right off the bat, with minimal user input.


About this Manual

This manual is arranged in three sections:

  • Basic Use helps you set up the platform, teaches you the very basic operation, and takes you by the hand until you are ready to start trading live with one of the open-source strategies currently available.

  • Power Use takes you through the learning curve to modify strategies and design your own, and shows you what's under the hood of the platform so that you may take control of all the resources that make up a successful trader.

  • Data Mining pumps the potential for growing your intelligence through the roof by teaching you how to process data and build your own datasets. Analysing and processing data is what turns data into information. Using information effectively is what realises intelligence.

You may access each topic by using the menu on the right. We try our best to organize the content in a logical order, so that you are exposed to information incrementally, as you need it while you go through the learning curve.

Beta Stage Notice

This is a pre-release in beta stage. The platform is under heavy development. We appreciate your help in testing the platform and reporting any errors you may experience. We will keep improving user experience with your feedback.

WARNING: The Superalgos Platform is at a very early stage of development. As such, errors may occur at any point, including errors that may cause you to lose money. You are responsible for taking all precautions before starting trading live. Make sure you forward-test with small amounts of money, the kind you can afford losing. Trade live at your own risk.

Not sure if this is the right platform for you? Click to learn what to expect before you install.

Basic Use

Learn the basic operation and how to start trading live with open-source strategies.

Getting Started

Test & Trade Live

Power Use

Learn how to build your own strategies or improve existing ones.



Trading System

Writing Conditions & Formulas


Testing & Simulations

Forward Testing & Live Trading

Productivity Tools


Data Mining

Learn how to build indicators and produce added-value datasets, the key to increasing intelligence.

Conceptual Framework

How to...


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