Big data visualization on the web
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Parallel Web Programming for Massive Visualizations

Public Backends

  • Sequential JavaScript layout w/ canvas rendering
  • WebCL layout w/ WebGL rendering
  • Stale: CUDA, OpenCL, C++, ASMJS, Qt

Other Known

  • Graphistry: Web workers layout w/ WebGL rendering
  • Berkeley: Rust

Compiling from source

  • Install nodejs, java + ant, swi-pl
  • In "superconductorjs", run "npm install"
  • In "superconductorjs", run "make all"
  • In "compiler", run "ant" . You may need to fix up "" (template in "")


Run "./" from the main folder to launch a local test server

Unit tests (pixel/zoom tests report false negatives)

  • Sequential (any browser): http://localhost:8888/examples/boxes/index.html?webworkerLayout=false&ignoreCL=true&ignoreGL=true
  • WebCL (WebCL-enabled browser): http://localhost:8888/examples/boxes/index.html?webworkerLayout=false&ignoreCL=false&ignoreGL=false


  • Treemap (WebCL): http://localhost:8888/examples/treemap/index.html?webworkerLayout=false&ignoreCL=false&ignoreGL=false
  • 3D Line Graph (WebCL): http://localhost:8888/examples/linegraph-3d/


The GPU version requires a browser with WebCL bindings.


OS X 10.8.5 and 10.9.2 Safari (Samsung):

Tip: Make sure WebGL is enabled from the developer menu. Tip: Try the n-body example that comes with WebKit

Confirmed by others

Windows Chrome (AMD):


Firefox (Nokia) Node (Motorola)