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Releases: Superfly-Inc/ShowKeyPlus

ShowKeyPlus Version: 1.0.7060

03 May 18:19
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  • CLI mode support in WinPE
  • Windows 7 hive accessibility

What's new:

  • The standard help switch in CLI mode (-h, /? etc)
  • Uses offreg.dll's (consistent with UWP version)
  • Saving key info from GUI
    • in WinPE saves directly to executable path
    • else expanded to include Word and Excel file types

ShowKeyPlus Version:

21 Nov 09:21
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What's New:

  • Windows 11-type GUI
  • Office 2010-2021 key checking


  • Crash resulting from permissions
  • Crash on German when clicking Windows 7 OEM marker

ShowKeyPlus Version:

13 Jun 06:08
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Applies to Windows 8 and 10

Windows 7 is limited to key checking due to design features incompatibility.

This version does not have WinPE, CLI functionality - please continue using ShowKeyPlus Version: 1.0.7060 for those features


  • .Net Framework 4.6.1 or higher. (lowered from 4.7.2)

What's new:

  • Removed ru and zh-Hant languages
  • Auto detect Accent colour change
  • Fixed crash when "Windows 7 OEM-Marker in Firmware vorhanden" clicked (on German systems)
  • Fixed (partially) memory leak when checking Win 7 keys

ShowKeyPlus Preview

22 Sep 09:46
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ShowKeyPlus Preview Pre-release

Migration to XAML/MVVM is complete

This version applies to Windows 8 and 10 only

Windows 7 is no longer supported (apart from key checking) .

It does not have all functionality of the original (WinPE, CLI etc.) yet


  • Added the About page
  • Fixed "More.." button display when no additional installations available

Update: 64-bit Version / 32-bit Version

  • Fixed Key masking and a bunch of other stuff
  • Changed to Store version logo

Update: 64-bit Version / 32-bit Version

  • Added Accent colour gradient to menu mouse over
  • Added number of installations found by auto-discovery to 'More...'
  • Added to saved file a notification if generic key
  • Progress ring when searching via More.. or Retrieve key functions
  • General code optimisation

Update: 64-bit Version / 32-bit Version

  • Added Dark mode compatibility
    • If "Default app mode" is set to Dark in Colours settings
    • or can be user initiated by double-clicking Version in About

Update: 64-bit Version / 32-bit Version

  • Fixed Key masking of non-Key returns

Update: 32-bit Version

  • Fixed crash when no additional installations found.
    Note: This is a Debug version that contains a crash reporting tool that will get marked as a Trojan by AV's
    ---it's not meant for general use.

Update: 32-bit Version / 64-bit Version

Update: 32-bit Version / 64-bit Version

  • Added Accent brightness

Update: 32-bit Version / 64-bit Version

  • Added exception handing retrieving additional installation data (via More.. or Retrieve key functions)
  • Added improved Windows 7 edition checking with notification of expected delayed response

Update: 32-bit Version / 64-bit Version

  • Removed border from textboxes on mouse over
  • Changed message box to window text reporting Win 7 edition in progress
  • Added High Contract compatibility
  • Increased opacity of Accent gradient
  • Fixed collapsing Home indicator
  • Added Accent brightness to Check progress bar

Update: 32-bit Version / 64-bit Version

  • Added Current Build in registry to version check due to Windows 10 1909 having inconsistent Build numbers
  • Added thread cancellation tokens

Update: 32-bit Version / 64-bit Version

  • Updated Default product key list

Update: 32-bit Version / 64-bit Version

  • Updated Original key retrieval

Update: 32-bit Version / 64-bit Version

  • Additional updates to Original key retrieval (More... and Retrieve functions)

Update: 32-bit Version / 64-bit Version

  • Added logic to distinguish between the Original key in previous Windows versions and the new location (HKLM\SYSTEM\Setup\Source OS (Updated on dd mm yyyy hh:mm:ss)

Update: 32-bit Version

  • Added Upgrade button to iterate upgrades

Update: 32-bit Version

  • Improved drive collection for "More" list

Update: 32-bit Version / 64-bit Version

  • Added remaining MAK count checking (requires internet access)
  • Added Transparency

Update: 32-bit Version / 64-bit Version

  • Migrated to .Net Core (requires Core 3.1 desktop runtime installed)
  • Added Italian language (special thanx to @bovirus for excellent translation)

Update: 32-bit Version / 64-bit Version

  • Added Culture specific short date format on Upgrades

Update: 32-bit Version / 64-bit Version

  • Added additional languages (including ar, de, es, fr, nl, pt, ru) - untested as translation per Google Translate.

Update: 64-bit Version - Release Candidate

  • Dependency:
    --Minimum .Net Framework 4.7.2

  • Languages included (de, es, fr, it, nl, pt, ru, zh-Hant)

Update: 64-bit Version - Release Candidate

  • Italian language fixes applied - thanx @bovirus

Update: 32/64-bit Version

  • Added MS Office (2010-2019) key checking
  • Windows 11 GUI


12 Nov 13:48
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** The latest version can be downloaded and installed from the Microsoft Store. **


  • Correction: Loading hives is NOT fixed yet - even with the change from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to HKEY_USERS (loading hives can only be done with elevation which is not allowed - need to implement an alternate method)
  • Removed elevation


  • Fixed dll compile error.
  • Signed Appx

Fixed offline registry access (using offreg.dll)

  • It will redirect to Regback folder with auto-discovery (forward arrow) - if a permissions error occurs accessing config/SOFTWARE

  • The config/SOFTWARE hive is owned by BUILTIN/Administrators which cannot be accessed by standard user - whereas the Regback/SOFTWARE hive is owned by System which can.


  • Added Windows build version and architecture.


  • Fixed disabled menu links when returning to the main screen subsequent to an error from auto-discovery.
  • Fixed "Retrieve key from backup" not displaying correct installation.
  • Updated error message to specify to re-launch as Admin if access to hive denied.

Added key checking support for new editions in October 2018 update
Over-ride the MAK key removal display ("BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB") with explanatory text.
32-bit and 64-bit now have the same versioning with the architecture displayed with version build.


  • Fixed an issue where the app crashed if insufficient permissions present


  • Added High Contrast theme compatibility
  • Added exception handling routines


  • Fixed memory leak with Windows 7 key checking
  • Fixed crash if Dark theme not previously initiated (no AppsUseLightTheme in registry )

ShowKeyPlus Version: 1.0.5730

03 May 18:45
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Find your Windows product key with ShowKeyPlus.
Applies to Windows 7, 8 and 10
Your product key depends on the type of Windows version you bought:
• If you bought Windows from an authorized retailer, the product key will only show as the Installed key. This applies to OEM System Builder keys as well.
• If you upgraded Windows, the Original key will be the key installed prior to the upgrade. NB if you upgrade to Windows 10 for free, you'll receive a unique ‘digital entitlement’ instead of a product key. The key displayed will be a generic key in that case.
• If you bought a new PC running Windows, the product key will be pre–installed on your PC and the key will be included in the firmware in the case of Windows 8 or 10 - or as an OEM marker, in the case of previous versions. The OEM key will display the key in the case of the former, or whether your PC was built for Windows Vista or Windows 7.
• Apart from the key, the associated Edition of each key is displayed below it.


• Should you have a backup which includes a Windows folder, the key from that installation (as well as the previously installed key, if that installation was an upgrade), can be retrieved using the Retrieve key from backup link.

• In order to verify the edition your key is associated with, use the Check product key link to confirm the edition to which that key is associated.


Hint: Click/tap ‘Version’ link to toggle between light and dark modes.