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Download Music from Deezer and playlists of different web page
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DeezLoader Remaster V4.1.2 final

DeezLoader Remaster is here to replace the old DeezLoader V2.3.1. and DeezLoader Reborn
With this software you can download high-qualiy music and enjoy.

Source code -

Download link

You can download and install the application directly from:!zeBiWS7a!_W2cCdzF2hT-m5ysOo_nJA


  • Download FLAC/MP3-320 music content from Deezer(FLAC needs to be turned on in the settings 'turn on HIFI')
  • Search musics
  • Use Deezer links as an alternative for Searching and downloading inside the software
  • Download multiple musics at a time
  • Download Albums and artists
  • Tagging system on MP3-320 and FLAC
  • Simple and user friendly

Remaster features

  • Software integration to convert playlists
  • Download your own playlists directly


  • BTC: 3DVsShXt4GpPax6hSqatTFRJxM2VQ7jnpa
  • ETH: 0x2140A5126aa2F85A4a98862E573A6214EA49325B
  • Paypal: Donate


If you have suggestions or want to be a new feature added to deezloader-remaster you can:

How to run

  • Download the installer and run it.
  • Run DeezLoader.

How to run on Android

Installing DeezLoader on Android is a little bit complicated but easy.
If you did installed DeezLoader and would like to just run it, go to step 5.

How to update on Android

If you would like to update DeezLoader on android you need to first delete the folder

rm -rf DeezLoader-Reborn

Then follow from step 3

1. Install Termux

In order to have DeezLoader on Android you must install termux.

2. Install dependencies

Run Termux and enter those lines in order:

pkg update
pkg upgrade
pkg install git nodejs

If it asks you if you want to continue, enter y.

3. Download

To download the release version:

git clone

Then navigate to the app folder using this command

cd DeezLoader-Reborn/app

4. Install

Now lets install what we have downloaded

npm install

In order for DeezLoader to work we need to setup storage for termux


5. Run

In order to run make sure that you are in DeezLoader-Reborn/app folder run

cd DeezLoader-Reborn/app

Run the server side script

node app.js

And then go to your browser and enter to this site


How to compile

  • Download Node JS latest version
  • Download the source code in the download section
  • Run or run the command npm install && npm run dist or yarn install && yarn run dist if you have yarn installed
  • Go to dist and you will see the installer and the software folder
  • Have fun(Easy Peasy)

If you are a linux user and it returns an error or stucks at creating AppImage then go to package.json and delete this

	"icon": "res/icon.ico"
	"icon": "res/icon.icns"


See changelogs here


Original Developers

ZzMTV DeezLoader ExtendLord
snwflake DeezLoader

Former Maintainer



  • I am not responsible for the usage of this program by other people.
  • I do not recommend you doing this illegally or against Deezer's terms of service.
  • This project is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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