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Demonstration usage

1. Start the local mkdt server called mkdt_server
    a with not arguments so using the default port
    b a usable tcp port number as argument
2. Start the mkdt_example_client
    a with not arguments so using the default port
    b the same port number as 1.a.
3. type "register service example_service_name" and press enter
4. optional start another mkdt_example_client for the next commands
5. type "use service example_service_name"
    a. local server should output protocol conversation
    b. example_client should report success



To build this project following libraries are needed

  • Boost >= 1.66

So to build and install the latest boost one could either use its package manager or for example:

cd /tmp/
git clone
cd boost/
git submodule update  --init --recursive
./ --prefix=$HOME
./b2 install


Building is done via cmake. So after cloning one could for example

mkdir bin
cd bin
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
cmake --build .

or when boost is installed in a non standard directory, for example the home:

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