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Supernova Issue Tracker

First of all, thank you for using Supernova Studio! We are super excited to have you onboard. If you encountered any issue - we would like to know about it to make our product the best and help all mobile developers and designers to work faster while enjoying it more.

Before you open an issue, make sure that the topic is not already covered in the documentation, or discussed on our Slack. It is also possible we already fixed it, as we push the changes nearly daily (see Changelog).

If you want to open a new issue, please do so here.

About Supernova

Supernova is a native tool aimed to seamlessly bridge the gap between developers and designers, allowing designers to create functioning native apps for the first time (not prototypes!), or helping developers cut down the development time by removing the UI work altogether.

Supernova does this by taking care of the conversion of Sketch designs to native mobile UI, automating all the steps like component styling or layout work.

Get Supernova for free @

Read our awesome docs and learn @