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Growth plan

Erik Bjäreholt edited this page Jul 30, 2019 · 10 revisions

NOTE: This briefly outlines our growth plan, it's very much a work in progress.

Stage 1: Early adopters (We are here)

Creators need to already have an Ethereum address. Addresses are loaded from the spreadsheet registry or supporters need to fill it in themselves.

Stage 2: Donating to creators without addresses (yet)

Contacting creators asking for their address when a supporter has deposited money to the ESCROW contract.

This helps onboarding creators and therefore also helps with crypto adoption.

Stage 3: Incentives & creating income for creators

Incentives to support

To really scale, there needs to be an incentive to support creators beyond being an altruistic person who cares about content creators. On platforms like Patreon this comes in the form of reward tiers, sometimes offering non-free content to patrons. What other things could we build that help with this?

  • Thankful tokens ("tokens of gratitude") acting as shares or collectibles.
    • Could be redeemable for rewards.
    • Could give the owner the right to vote in polls by the creator.
  • Leaderboards for which supporters/wallets support the most, and which creators get the most support. Useful information for us as developers and offers (limited) signaling value to supporters and creators.

Creating significant income for creators

What creators really need is likely to be more than tipping-like incomes (unless literally thousands of people tip $1/month). Here are some ideas for that which could be integrated.

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